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After my first card about Kpop Sheet Music, interest had sparked in others for certain songs. This is the update and is open to those who have interest in these song and can play the instruments searched for.
@KaitlynHewitt Found piano music for Eyes, Nose, Lips. But I'm not sure which version it is. Have fun and let us know how well it's going!
@faith92 Found multiple sites, even some connecting to other sites of music http://joycemusic1.com/tag/kpop/ Some kpop music, mostly current pop music, has different catagories. Highly recommend
Have fun!
@YulianaVidales I was unable to find your clarinet music, I feel the struggle on a personal level. Sorry dear.
@drummergirl691 I couldn't find a copy of How Did We Get by Lee Hyori ft. Daesung. There may be one that comes around in the future.
I hope you guys will be able to get your music!
Tagging the head chairs:
And tagging the rest of the fam:
The others: @SerenityThao
omg *regrets giving up piano*
Ohhhh I learned it for a project in my piano class 😄
Thank you i have tried it is a real struggle to find sheet music thanks
No Prob @JohnEvans
I play piano..this could be fun...@Elaynethtrumpet Thanks for uploading this
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