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These are just a couple of mashups that I really like and wanted to share with you guys.

BTS Mashups

1. Butterfly and Ikon's Apology
2. Butterfly and Exo's Don't Go
3. Boy in Luv and Ikon's Rhythm Ta
4. Just One Day and Taeyeon's I (this one honestly sounds like it could be a collaboration)
5. Run and F(X) 4 Walls (Amber sounds a bit weird but overall it sounds pretty good)
6. BTS piano mashup (I need u, boy in luv, danger, just one day)
7. I Need U and KNK's Knock (This would be even better is BTS's part was a bit slower)
8. Run and Got7's Fly (YES!!!!)
9. Danger and NCT U's The 7th Sense (I DIDN"T KNOW I NEEDED THIS IN MY LIFE!!!!)
10. Butterfly and Red Velvet's One of These Nights (These songs sound so good together like I just can't...)
I think the BTS/Ikon mashup would've been really great if the sound was a bit clearer.

Ikon Mashups

Dumb and Dumber and Red Velvet's Dumb Dumb (I'm in love with this mashup!!)
Apology and Big Bang's If You
Rhythm Ta and CL's Hello Bitches
Rhythm Ta and GD's One of a Kind

Big Bang Mashups

1. Bang 3x and SNSD's You Think (That drop when Sooyoung's verse came though!)
2. Mashup of a whole bunch of Big Bang/gd&top/Seungri songs (too many to list)

Mashups from other groups

1. Red Velvet's One of These Nights and Exo's Baby Don't Cry
2. BAP Feel So Good and Mamamoo You're the Best
3. Red Velvet Automatic and Ladies Code Galaxy
4. Vixx Dynamite and Exo Love Me Right
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These are awesome especially loved the Ikon X big bang and Ikon X Cl and Ikon X Gd those were my favorite