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I introduce you to Kovu, he is two and a half years old and he is a sassy child disguised as a handsome angel. He got his name "Kovu" from the character 'The Lion King 2', because he resembles the sassy charismatic character.
He is a natural fashionista and always makes sure he's on top of the trends... His childhood dream was to attend the royal wedding and impress Kate with his on-point style.
His fashion is not the only way he expresses his style. Kovu likes to sit with style too. He also likes to pretend that I'm drawing him 'like one of my French girls' when I'm working on my art.
Aside from peeing in our shoes, his life goal is to sit in a new and strange place every day just to confuse us ╮(╯▽╰)╭
I know this is past the deadline but I wanted to make this card anyway because it's such a great idea and I knew it would be so much fun! I hope you enjoyed it. And a big thanks to @danidee for this awesome idea, cheers to empowering cats all around the world! ~(^з^)-♡
@danidee I do too! It kinda reminds me of ice cream xD
I like that he has two nose colors.
Alsoooo thank you for making a cat card. I'm sorry you missed the deadline. T_T But I'm glad I got to meet Kovu anyway!!
Oh man, HE IS SO CUTE. He really does pose like a model. I'm diggin' yo style, Kovu.
Such a cute cat! ^^
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