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it's Been a year since I started living with my first friend in the whole world like I mean I have never had a friend before because I was chubby like no I wasn't really over weight but I was you know I weight 180 pounds so yeah what do you expect I'm the loser the fat ugly girl no one likes me but my best friend ..... yoongi he's my only friend since I told him not to let anyone know about me his band members don't know about me no one does and I'm fine with that so I'm at yoongi's and I'm alone right now because he was busy at a fan meeting I felt like being pretty so I got out my best clothes to wear for when he gets home I guess I got nothing better to do maybe we could go get some dinner and bring it back .... wait no I couldn't go with him people would find out ugh some times I wish he wasn't famous .... I really miss my best friend he's my only chingu.
*30minutes later* I was dressed and about to make dinner when I heard the door and laughter (●—●) omg ...omg..omgomgomg why... just why did he bring people here ugh no people will- "yah!!! (y/n) can you come here for a minute I want you to meet my friends well band members its OK they want to meet you too!"
*yoongi* the fan meet was done and it was time to go home and I had to tell the boys about (y/n) or else they wouldn't let me sleep for a day!(。•́︿•̀。) and if I tried they would sell my pillow online to a fan girl and I caved in to tell them why I am never at the dorm and why I had gotten a separate little dorm when I'm not with them "OK hyung spill it " namjoon said "ugh!!!OK OK I will tell you alright so I got the second dorm last November and I kinda let someone stay there with me and she told m-" "wait it's a she !!!!" they all yelled "yes now I let her stay with me because I am here first friend and she was mine at the time before I met you guys now the reason she is staying with me is because no one likes her because of what she looks like " "well what do she look like"taehyung said "she is plus sized and because of it lots of people pushed her away so I let her stay with (๑•́₃ •̀๑) "so can we meet her " jungkook said "yeah I guess come on and there we went * I just hope she won't get mad*
*your POV* I slowly walked from the kitchen with my head down and when I went in the living room I looked up and bit my lip a bit "awww she is so cute how could you have hidden such a cute girl from us" this guy said I don't know there names like I know he's in a band but I didn't do research on them "um yoongie -ah who are they and why are they here" "oh well (y/n) .. they are my band members and I guess I'll tell you who they are from left to right OK so this is jungkook,jin,and v and they are namjoon ,jimin and j-hope" "oh well hello I'm (y/n)nice to meet (๑• . •๑)" *yoongi* I wish I didn't tell them about her I wanted her for myself wait why am I evening so protective of her "hey yoongi can I talk to you for a minute"said jin "oh uh sure" *in yoongi's room* "hey yoongi is she dating anyone " "no why" "well you see she is pretty cute and I wanted to get to know her and stuff so you think you can help me get her" and eight then and there I stood there wide eyed I feel hurt and I don't know why yet I do what else can I do ***\/********\/******\/*****\/****** so what do you think should I continue this
@JaeneashaJones of course!!
@DestinaByrd OK thanks for supporting this
continue it!! fighting!