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My eyes are open as Seungri pulls back. I cover my mouth. My mind started to get twisted. *What just happened?* I can't collect my mind of what hit me. Then I look at GD and Seungri. They both look at me. "What....what just happened?" "We sorry,,, just. We couldn't hold back. You seem to be getting us into you." "Plus we had a couple drink. I think we are just drunk. Don't worry, by tomorrow we won't even remember. Right GD" I look at GD and he just gives that chessy smile. Then GD comes to me and grabs my hand and pulls me out of bed. Yup, he is definitely drunk. The smell is strong and so was Seungri. We went to the kitchen to eat. I sat down and my stomach started to growl. Then the boys started to cook. I watch them and see how playful they are together. Then I start to remember the kisses. I slowly smooth out my lips. *Did I really got kissed by GD and Seungri?* I couldn't believe it. Then GD comes towards me and put food on the table. He smiles and I smile back to him. Then they both sat down across from me. "J.J are you ok?" "Ya ,, why?" "Well your blushing." "Am I? *shit* I'm sorry" "no we are sorry, we don't know what just happened" The akwardsness was just uncomfortable,, I think they feel uncomfortable because they think I'm a guy, but I'm a girl. And I feel good about it. So I guess I have to throw the awkwardness away. "GD and Seungri, its fine. Don't worry." "Seriously? We just don't want you to feel like we something else" "Even if you are, I ain't judging. Its ok. Cuz I would do the same" *Oh Ja-ni!!!!! Your a guy a GUY!!* "What I meant is. .. ohh never mind. Just don't worry. Its fine" I look at my plate and yell to myself of what I said. Then Seungri holds my hand. I look up and he smiles at me. "Its ok. We understand. Now its time to go back home. We got practice tomorrow" "Oh snap, that true. I'll be outside driving" GD left and Seungri grabbed the plates and starts to clean up. I stand and started to help him. Seungri was cleaning the table as I went to the sink to wash the dishes. *Wait, we have to do a dance together* I remember a detail we was supposed to go over together. When I turned around, Seungri turned around also to throw the cloth away. Then the boat moved a sharp left and I went right on top of Seungri. Seungri falls down to the chair and I'm on top of him. I look down and Seungri looks at me. He looks at me serious. His eyes are beautiful, which is making me stare at him. *What are you doing to me* My heart jumps. I clear my throat and then he helps me stand. "I'm sorry, it was the boat" "Its ok. Come on. Let's get some air. " We go outside and I saw how the sunset is starting to set. The ocean changes colors. I forget about what happened and look at the sea. My mind started to relax. "Alright everyone we almost home." I look towards GD's house. As we got closer and closer my body started to feel tired. *how I'm tired if I was sleeping* Then we arrive. We got off one by one. "I'll take you home, GD you can rest. You drank more than me" "Sure, but are you sure you can drive? Why won't J.J drive you home?" "J.J can you? I might went over the limit.And I trust you." "Sure, I'll drive. Thank you for the day and sorry for throwing up." "Its ok. I'll see you both tomorrow morning" GD goes inside the house as Seungri and I climbed inside the car. As we hit the road, I saw the GPS saying that its an hour drive. So I relax and just drive. 30 minutes past and I saw Seungri sleeping. I park a side. I open the window to try to wake up. Then Seungri moans and then turns towards me. I look at him and saw how angelic he looks. My heart starts to best a little faster. I quickly open the door and let the breeze hit me. *Why I'm feeling this way? This can't be right..Right?* Then I look up the sky, and I saw how bright the stars are. I smile as I remember my mothers words. Then a phone ring. I went inside the car but it wasn't mine. Then I saw Seungri's phone beside mines. I look at Seungri but he is out cold. So I grabbed the phone and went back outside. I saw and it says 'The bitch' .... *Well damnn* So I answer it. "Hi Seungri baby, its me. I know its been a while. I know your mad at me. but please try to understand that I didn't meant to chest on you." *Ooooohh ooh ohhh its that bitch* "Sorry, but this is his friend. He is practicing. But I can make him meet you. Where and what time?" "That would be wonderful .. tomorrow at 7 in Cassy Restaurant" "Ok sure. I'll have him meet you there." "Thank you, can I have your..." Ya ok!! You ain't having my name. *but I will get you for hurting Seungri* As I was about to go back in the car, his phone was unlocked. I look around. ....* Its just a peek* I saw how he in love with this woman. She is on his phone like crazy. Then I saw he wrote some notes. I clicked and saw how he miss her, and why she chested on him. *poor thing. Don't worry Seungri, I will make sure she leaves* Then I saw my name. *huh* I clicked and started reading. "J.J a man who became my best friend, but I think I'm falling in love with him. Is this normal?" *Holy cow!* Then I quickly got out of there and then locked his phone. I walked quickly to the car. *What? How? Since when?* I am busting my head with so many questions. Then I turn on the car and started driving.
Once I got to Seungri's house. As I help him go inside the house. He then let me go and ran to the bathroom. I go after him to see what's wrong. Then I heard him throwing up. "Seungri, are you ok. Come on Open the door." Seungri opens the door,but he looks pale. Then he collapse into my arms. I hold on to him tight enough, so I won't collapse either. Then I drag him to the bedroom. I lay him on the bed, then I feel his head. He was burning up. I went to the kitchen to grab a cloth and cold water. When I went to the bedroom, I see him sweating and breathing a little heavy. I saw his clothes which is all wet and dirty from throwing up. *ewww* So I decided to take it off so he won't stick. I start to unbutton his shirt. As I go from button to button, I can see his abs and the smooth skin he has. I held myself back and finished the buttons. As I took off his shirt off. I saw how beautiful he looks. Then I saw that his pants are also dirty. *You've got to be fucking kidding me* I sigh and swallow. I unbuckled his belt and then unbotton his button. I stop. *No way.. I can't do this * Then I look at Seungri, he started to swaet more. *let's just get this over with* I lower his zipper and then went to pull his pants off from his feet. As his pants start to come off. I looked away till the pants are off. Once they off I quickly went to grab some extra clothes. When I came back. Seungri was just laying there. I saw how beautiful his body is. I start to look every inch of his body. Then I just cover him with the blanket. Then I sat next to him and put the cold cloth over his head. I stayed and kept going over his head with the cold cloth till his fever goes down. Then I fell asleep.
Seungri The sun hits my face. I moan to the headache I woke up to. As I put my hand on my forehand, I felt something on my chest. When I open my eyes, I saw J.J on my chest sleeping. *Whoa* I look around and I saw medicine and a bowl of water with a wet cloth inside. *Did I had a fever last night?* Then J.J moan and cuddled into me more. I stood still and wait till he stop moving. Then he puts his arm around me like I'm a pillow. Then I place my hands on him. Why do I feel this way? Like he is a man. I shouldn't fall for a man. *J.J if only you knew what are you doing to me? This feeling is making me want you.* I give J.J a kiss on his head. Then I slowly tried to get out of bed. Once I was off the bed. I saw how J.J crawled himself into a ball, and knocked out. I went to the bathroom and went to take a shower. I let the water hit my face ad I thought to myself of how all this began. How can I fall for a man, that I can't seem to understand. I finish of and then dry myself. As I put a towel around my waist. I walked out towards the room. I saw J.J still sleeping. Then I went to put on a boxer. As I found a pair, I took off the towel from my waist. As I did that, J.J screamed. *Dafug*
I open my eyes and saw the sun hitting me. I noticed that im sleeping in Seungri's bed. Then I heard the showers on. I look around the room as I lay their. Then images of his body started to hit me. I smile and blushed as I remember how beautiful his body is. I squeal and then cover my head with the blanket. *Seungri, you are gorgeous.* Then I took off the blanket off my head and as I sit up from the bed. My eyes popped open and my jaw dropped. I saw Seungri's white round ass. *Ohhh myy god* "Ahhhhhh!!!!" I quickly cover my head with the blanket. *oh my god, oh my god* "J.J what's wrong?" Seungri pulls the blanket off of me. And I quickly cover my eyes with my hands. Then he laughs. "Dude, put some clothes on" "alright alright. Imma change inside the closet. If I was you, go clean up. We need to go to YG building." Seungri walks into the closet and close the door behind him. I blow out a huge breath. *I need water* I got inside the bathroom and wash my face. Then I laugh to myself. *Did I just witnessed Seungri's ass?* Oh boy. I shake my head and then left the bathroom. "Come on, we gotta go" "Ok. " We arrive at YG building. As everyone got together. There's a meeting. Big Bang and M5K sat all together. The CEO walks into the stadium. We stand and bow to welcome him. "Its been a week. I know you all working hard. But I want to see how hard you've worked. In a month from today, M5K will perform on stage but live. Time for the world to see them as a group. They will be able to perform any song and sing. Also, other artists will be there from other companies. I'm talking about JYP, SM, and etc. So don't disappoint me. Ok. Well see you all in a month." We stand and bow as he leaves. Then we all look at each other. GD rubs his hair back and sighs big. Then he stands and faced us. GD "Ok, its time to get serious. We need to get our acts together and work what needs to be worked and fix it as soon as possible. No more games. So let's practice everyone. " Everyone went to their own studio and practice. Seungri and I went to our spot. We both sit down on the floor. Seungri looks worried. "What's wrong Seungri?" "Just worried of how this will turn out" "We got this. Let's just get serious." "How can I do that, if my feelings won't allow me?" "What you mean?" "Remember I told you about my ex?" "Ya" *of course* "Well she hasn't stopped calling and texting me and also I am growing new feeling to someone else." "Who you like more?" "I like this new person, but I can't forget my ex." "ohh I see. Well why won't you tell this new person you like that you like her." "I wish. Its complicated. Let's forget about this. Come on let's practice." "Wait, imma use the bathroom, ok" "Sure" I ran to the bathroom. Then when I got out, TOP was in front of me. He looks mad. "What?" "Oh Ja-ni, you went to the girls bathroom?" "No way? " I turn around and saw the girls sign. *Damn it* "What if someone sees you going inside their? You need to be careful, they can discover that your a girl and not a boy." Then out of no where Daesung drops his phone. TOP and I looked at Daesung. His mouth is wide open. He points at me, but couldn't say a word. TOP then quickly grabbed Daesung and cover his mouth. I grab his phone and follow TOP.
We enter inside a empty room. Daesung was just standing there and then I give him his phone. I couldn't even look at his eyes. "J.J, your a girl?" "Daesung, before you panick.." "Oh Ja-ni, this is a boys group, Do you have any idea that if CEO discover this, you will be disqualified." "Yes, I know the risks" "And TOP ,, you knew. How?" "I actually didn't knew at first. Till I heard her say her name, I remembered her from childhood times." "WOW!!!" "Daesung please don't say nothing. Ever since I was little, I wanted to show the world my type of music. Please. Daesung. " Daesung looks at me and then he rubs his head. "Aishhhh,,, fine. fine. I'll cover you. But you must be careful. Especially the bathrooms. I was standing there since you got out of the girls bathroom and over heard him saying that your a girl." "Thank you, and I'm sorry" He looks at me and then he laughs. He shakes his head. "You have guts J.J. Just be careful" Daesung left the room laughing. I collapse to the floor. I thought my life was over right there. TOP helps me up. "Sorry, I didn't meant to say it loud. " "Its ok. But next time. Keep your voice in a lower level like you always do. " "Promise." I walk out of the room and went to where Seungri is, but he was no where around. Then I saw a note. "J.J, I had an emergency. I'm going to my mother's house. GD is allowing you to go home. I'm sorry. I will text you. Seungri." Well there goes my practice. I packed my bag and started to walk out. As I walk through the hallway. I heard GD raising his voice. I look at throuvht the window. I saw how he is struggling with WJ. I go inside quietly and sit down. WJ can't seem to write a song. He is having trouble to get the rythm and the tempo. GD is just getting madder and madder. Then GD stops and breaths in and out. "WJ , I don't think you can't write muisc. Your good with leadership, but not writing music. I apologize for yelling " "I'm sorry. Just I thought I got it." "Its ok. it happens" Then GD let WJ go home. GD sat down and cover his face with his hat. I quietly sat down on the piano. Then I breath in and out and played an melody which I wrote two years ago. Then I started to sing. GD took off his hat and saw it was me. He looks at me serious and listen. He then stands and put his hat on. As I finished the song. GD claps. I bow and smile. "J.J wow, Who wrote that song? I've never heard of it." "I wrote it, like two years ago." "You wrote it.? Seriously? I need you to type the lyrics down for me. Can you?" "Ya sure." I stand and walk towards the computer. As I start to type down my lyrics, GD stand behind me, reading what I'm putting down. As I finished it, he pats my shoulder. "Wow, you got skills man. This is amazing. The lyrics are powerful. I have an idea" "What's that?" "Let's use this song for the performance. This will be M5Ks first song. I know everyone will love it " "Seriously?" "Ya, this will be the first song to be heard world wide!" I quickly stand and hug GD, without realizing that I'm acting like a girl. I quickly back off and started jumping up and down. "I'm sorry GD ... its just . its been five yrs I've been waiting for one of my music to be heard one day. And it will happen. I'm happy and excited " "It's ok. Wait... you got more?" "Ya, I enjoy to write music. I think I've done like six or more. I don't know." "You need to show them to me. " "I will bring it. It at my house. I have it in a binder" "Ok ya ... you should bring it. " "Cool" I can't believe that this is happening. I'm so excited. Then I saw the time. Its Five, oh snap, I have to get ready and meet this woman. I quickly grab my bag. "GD, I'm sorry, but I must go. I promise to go out with my roommate" "Ok sure. have fun" I left and went running to my house. Ask go inside Tony wasn't home. So I went to take a shower and use my strawberry shampoo. As I went into my room I opened my closet. I pull out a dress, and choose my heels. Then I put on a bra on. *how I miss you * I put on my dress and just let myself be free. How I miss being a woman. Then I placed makeup and touched my hair and brush it down to look like a girl. I out mybheels on and grab my purse and leather jacket. I grabbed a taxi and went to the meeting. As I enter inside the restaurant, I asked for my reservation. The waitress show me my table, and there she is. The woman who destroyed Seungri. I sat down across from her. And give her a serious look. She looks at me and gives me a puzzle look. "Who are you?" "No, the question is who are you?" "Excuse me?" "The door is that way, if you want to be excused." "I'm sorry, but your in the wrong table." "No I'm not, I asked you to come so we can meet." "I'm here for Seungri" "I know. I'm here behalf of him. I'm here to tell you to stop calling and texting him. He don't want you at all. He even dislikes you. You think he will accept you back for fucking another man. In your goddamn dreams. I'm telling you from now on. Is either you back away or else I will make sure you disappear" I stand up and left her hanging. I told he woman on the front table that she will pay for the bill. I left and grabbed a taxi. Then I text tony. >Hey, what your doing tonight? >I'm going ubbing. want to come? >Hell yaaa. What club? Tony gives me the club address and I start to head over there. As I arrived at the club. I saw Tony outside. I walk towards him and his eyes pops open. "Stop, is like you never saw me dressing up" "Just been a while I saw you dress up like a lady. You look fine baby girl" "Thank you." We enter inside the club and it was pumping. We walk towards the bar. I started to think about that woman. Then I started to get mad. I ask for the strongest drink. I didn't care but I don't why I'm getting mad for. I started to drink and drink. It got to the point I was drunk. Then I started to dance and let my body flow. I was impressed of how much Seungri taught me. Because I feel free when I dance now. Then someone taps my shoulder. When I turn around it was Alex. He grabs my hands and pulls me out of the crowd. I didn't knew what was happening. Then he stops walking. "Oh Ja-ni?" *Shit,* "Wait, how... how you know" "I over heard when Daesung found out " "aishhhhh... Please don't say nothing Alex" I'm drunk, and I couldn't control my balance. I collapse and Alex caught me on time. "Please don't say nothing. I want our group to become successful. I want this" "Damn J.J. This is complicated. But alright. I promise. But you need to go home. Your drunk." "Thank you Alex. Your the best. But I'm ok. I want to dance more" As I turn around I lost my balance again. Then someone grabs me. I look up and it was TOP. "Alex I'll take her home. Just keep quiet about this ok" Alex bow and left. Then TOP helps me up and then I go on his back. He walks out of the club and started walking. "TOP, why I feel this way?" "What way?" "I think I'm falling for Seungri but I'm also into GD" "Nice triangle" "Not funny. I don't know why I feel this way." "You must find your way. Remember your a girl." "I wish I can choose. I don't know what to do" Silence came upon. Then I hug TOP around his neck. "Thank you Oppa. You've been a great friend and still is. " I arrived at my house and I thank TOP for taking me home. I go upstairs to my door and as I was about to grab my keys, I saw Seungri at my door. *Oh My God*
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omo!!! omo!!!😱😱😱 *fangirling* I think Oh Ja Ni should be with Seungri!!! I literally love this story so much!!!!!!
it's totally ok!!! let GD & TOP tuck u to bed baby gdnight.... baby gdnight~~ 😊😊
Why do you always leave me hanging?! You like making me mad don't you πŸ˜‘
No worries, I am already dead from the gdaddy card and this chapter, so all I can do is stay dead, maybe this will give me time to come back to life before you kill me again with the next chapter......
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