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{ Mini introduction to the story! Don't forget to turn in your forms!} WARNING; This contains slight violence. I struggled as I tried to maneuver myself out of their growing grip. Somehow they managed to grab me by the hair and kept making me move towards the closed doors at the end of the hall. I looked frantically to my sides in trying to find anything or anyone to help me. But of course, all they did was stare as they saw the third person this week being dragged towards the mysterious doors where no one comes out of there, only the psychos holding me were to walk out. "Let me go!" I nearly begged, my knees going weak after trying so hard to get a grip in trying to slow down. I looked around once more, passing rooms that I've never passed. A girl was being held by her arm but she wasn't even moving. The nurse that was gripping her arm looked down at her with sad eyes, “What happened to you?” I heard her mumble. The nurse looked up at me, with almost sad eyes. She opened her mouth, but the doctor holding me glared at her. The nurse quivered away, taking the non-moving girl with her. The doctor took me by the arm, with more force this time. Quickly moving, the mysterious doors were opened and I was soon met with dangerous looking tools- “What is this for?” I asked, my voice barely above a whisper. The doctor ignored my question and kept moving me towards a chair- with binds. I looked to the side and saw a syringe of some type. It then hit me what they were going to do. I struggled even more, trying to use every ounce of power to get loose. I managed to overpower the doctor and pushed him out of the way. He fell with a ‘thud' and knocked over tables that has other ‘tools.’ I ran out of the room as fast as I could, knocking things over in the process. Two men came in as they heard all the ruckus going on inside. Their eyes widened as they looked over at the doctor stumbling to get up. They quickly retreated their eyes from him and glared at me. They started moving towards me and I looked around, looking for something that could aid me in my attempt to escape from this hell. I looked to my right and saw different sized scalpels. (A/N a scalpel is a tool used for cutting skin during surgery) I quickly grabbed the biggest one just as one of the men launched himself towards me. I stabbed the man in the stomach, and I quickly pulled out the knife out of him as I readied myself for the other man. Before I knew it, a sharp pain was felt from my spine. I screamed out as the feeling became overwhelming. My body felt like it was on fire and my eyesight was becoming blurry. I moved a little and saw the doctor holding the syringe in his left arm. That's when I knew, it is all over for me. The pain still felt throughout my body, I tried moving my fingers, but couldn't. Suddenly I felt my body go numb, eyes closing slowly, and my breathing became ragged and slow. The last thing I heard was, “Hide the body, we'll be getting new… people.” ~ People don't know what crazy really is. They see someone talking to themselves, or hiding from invisible beings and suddenly they're labeled as 'crazy.' These monsters that enslaved us, will see what crazy truly is. Just you wait you crazy bastards.
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