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A beautiful serious character who will steal your heart and best/worst desires. Gintoki Sakata has what it takes to be the truest shiroyasha as well as one heck of an odd jobs King!! If it's asked he will end up somehow going above and beyond and not only finishing his quell but also completing the mission of all the maidens hearts, well a few until he is "married" to the all haha!! Anyways watch Gintama and get wild and crazy because I have yet to see an anime like it honestly nothing matches the greatness of genre specifics/ yet split them up so sickly than this anime!! Gin San for life!! Anime is life!!
Btw ARIGATOU it doesn't hurt!!! Haha
I need to watch Gintama....
So wonderful! You detailed that really well! Thank you for the share! Gintama is Life! <3
@InVinsybll def need to. I still always keep up with it and never can get enough.
@Danse gintama truly makes me want so much more in life!! Can never get tired of it!!