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안녕하세요 내 사랑, its your favorite blue eyed, green eyed, black girl. I'm trying my hand at K-Pop fan fiction this is my first time so yes be critical but kind. Constructive criticism is welcomed and that's the only thing. Any who let's get to it. Oh FYI I was in a rush to get this up by March 1st so there might be loads of errors anyone willing to proofread please message me.
A Kim Jong Kook Fan Fiction
Only two things really got you hype: travel and fitness. By some miracle you managed to make the combination your career, a celebrity fitness coach. Throughout the years of dedication your strict routine and "encouraging words" got you the nickname Commander. You wore it with pride and hoped it warned the fickle and the weak minded to think twice before hiring you. Dictating what you wanted from your clients got you better results than pleading with them and finding out they betrayed their regiment.
A new adventure was in store for you. An agency in South Korea wanted you to train a girl group. They made it clear that the goal wasn't to get them as toned as you were which from outward appearance was a little below female body builder. The company just wanted them to "look fit" and have a consciousness of a good diet to keep the image they were striving for. Only working with celebrities for the past few years you found it refreshing to hear anything other than starve the client.
In all honesty this was the first time working with a group so you weren't sure what you'd get. Would they team up against you, to fight for lazyness and bad habits? Would they cooperate and be loyal to you routines and regimens? Would there be a split in personalities and opinions? Only time would tell.
As an enjoyer of travel you know it best even before signing the contract to be their personal trainer for 7 months, that you must survey the area and possibly learn a bit of the language and customs.
You crammed language learning in your personal time while treadmilling or any other stationary cardio. You felt like a school girl again, committing yourself to learning something. The last few clients you had, before returning to the states, were in European countries where English was basically their first language. But in your history of celebrity training you got to perfect your Spanish and French and were a conversational Haitian, Japanese, and Mandarin speaker. You knew it best to learn or be lost, and always intended to enjoy your travels over being stuck in a room on downtime or limited to a personal translator that wouldn't stay at your pace. In your "Culture and Korean Mannerisms" studies you learn that Korea is more conservative than China or Japan. So you even doubted that a personal translator was even ironed out in the paperwork. Chances were that there would possibly just be a person fluent enough to translate between you and the girl group only, no fun time.
Hoping the country was far more entertaining than what culture and mannerisms you were learning you went to inquiring of clients and former clients what they knew about the mysterious land. One of your former clients a young retired Olympic gymnast encouraged you to watch two dramas that she loved and proved South Korea wasn't as conservative as your studies were portraying.
She warned you that she had only ever been to Korea for competition and not for leisure time, and that like our TV dramas the story could be over exaggerated in parts so you ventured into them with that in mind. You weren't one to watch television often but found the dramas quite hilarious and cute.
Unlike yourself you ended up binge watching one of the dramas and being way too hard on a male client the next morning, or rather 4 hours later. Your energy was low, you lacked sleep, and rushed into a 1 hour commute traffic without breakfast and your car empty of snacks. So you were cranky, hungry, and basically not yourself. Working with weights you "encouraged" your client to go heavier than his average and weren't paying attention to his form. During cooldown he complained of being sore in the area you were targeting. You attempted to massage out the pain but found that it was more serious than that and sent him to the hospital. Which wasn't a good thing seeing as he was getting trained for a movie that would start filming the next week.
Your only client for the day now in the hospital left you with nothing but guilt that you tried to cardio out of your system but seeing as you weren't full of the energy you normally had you started feel more disgusted with yourself.
You left the gym heading back home. Once there you ate your meal prep that was supposed to be your breakfast checked some emails and asked the Korean Company about the contract they were proposing. You review a bit of the Korean you had learned. Exactly an hour after eating you head to bed, promising yourself enough sleep and never to binge watch before work ever again.
Author's Note: Again I ask you be gentle with your comments. I have been in this K-World and I haven't come across an nasty fans yet but I'm still cautious with revealing my naked soul to the world like this. I know I'm not perfect and extremely sensitive so if nothing nice to say don't say anything at all.
This was posted for me and also those wanting to read fan fics of guys actually older than you. I just turned 24 a few days ago and got into Kpop months ago so of course there was BigBANG and 2PM older than me but no one on here is writing 2PM fan fics. And I keep falling for guys younger than me and I'm in #NoonaDenial.
So this might be my protest to all the genius authors out there to bring in Rain Oppa, 2PM, Kim JongKook, Lee Kwang Soo, Jung YongHwa, Lee HongKi, High4, SuperJunior(especially Henry of SuJu-M) and many others over 93 line. I know you can do it.
if I put my mind to it part 2 will be out tomorrow.
This is you favorite K-Pop, K-World Fandom Trainee, just a trainee, Elisha aka ENF2.
Today is another to do better. I'll do better, you do better.
omo, @Sailynn 내 동생, 내 선배, *blushes a billion* thank you. Sorry I was trying to hide this from you.
Girl stop. Stop what you're doing and give yourself a HUGE round of applause! Omo this was great! Your writing is absolutely beautiful! I can sense where the story is going, i can see the full potential, and i love how knowledgable you are with what the character is doing! Everything I'm trying to strive for, you're doing perectly! Please, please, please! Tag me, 언니 ! I absolutely love his voice and his charm makes me smile like a dork, I would love to see you take this! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
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