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You aren’t sure if it was the bed or the fact you felt completely safe for the first time in a while but you slept so soundly it’s difficult to wake up when your alarm goes off. Yesterday you had snuck ramen from the kitchen, today you decide you will head to the neighborhood market. You remember to hit the button by the door on your way to the bathroom, sleep time is over, no need to give the guards a strip show because you forgot how to turn the camera off. Once again you wave at the camera before you click the button, they might think you a weird foreigner but who cares?
As you grab the keys from the hall table you suddenly realize you don’t know how to get out. You know how to get to the garage but how do you get out of it? You were asleep when you arrived yesterday and while there is a Lobby button on the elevator, you feel that leaving that way would ruin everything. After a minute you bite your bottom lip and knock on the security door. The same two guys are there this morning, different pressed black suits. You reintroduce yourself to Do-yun and Joon-woo, you find out they speak English and the world becomes a much better place in an instant.
A little hesitant, more embarrassed, you admit that you don’t know how to leave either today or the next day for work. Both men smile and ask where you want to go. You mention the market and then work tomorrow. Do-yun grabs keys and sunglasses, waves goodbye to Joon-woo and escorts you to the elevator.
“The boss has a car that will pick you up in the garage each morning for work. The driver will give you a number to call when you are ready to leave for the day and return here. For anything else, either Joon-woo or I will escort you.”
“That’s part of your job? Seriously? I guess I could just order room service…”
Do-yun smiles and presses the button for the garage. “It is our job, no worries. It gets dreadfully dull staring at monitors all day and night, a little sunlight is a very welcome break.”
He seems so genuine and nice that you simply nod and let him lead you to one of the cars parked in the garage . At the market he sees your confusion and makes suggestions on ‘easy to cook’ versus actually tastes good. Since they practically live at the penthouse, he made use of the time and did a little shopping as well. When you return to the penthouse, he uses his key to access the door and helps you carry your bags inside.
Once inside he points to the TV, “Want me to show you how to use it?”
You breathe a sigh of relief, “Yes, thank you! Otherwise I was just going to access my kindle books, but TV would be nice for after work.”
Once Do-yun returns to the security room, you wander over to the TV and test out the instructions he left you. You flip to you-tube, type in the password for your channel, and then look over at the camera. You sigh, oh well, they will be watching you for the next two months, they’re going to find out anyway. Accessing your playlist you decide on shuffle for your overall KPOP list. Now, if you could just forget that they are watching….. you change your mind, shut the TV off and walk into the bedroom to change.
As you enter the practice room you glance more carefully around to take in anything you missed yesterday. Like the really cool ipod, phone charger that is connected to the surround sound. You bring up your purchased music and set the volume to 2. It wouldn’t do to be deaf when you instantly turn it on; that can come after you’ve been here for over an hour. By the time you finish fiddling with the sound, it is at nice mirror vibrating 5 and you can –feel- the sound move through you. There will be no one but the music once it starts and that is what you always search for, an escape.
Back in the security room Joon-woo watches the lights come on in the practice room and the little brunette walk over to fiddle with the music. He’s curious and there is nothing else happening, so he sits back to see exactly what kind of ‘exercise’ she will be doing. Not huge KPOP fans, he doesn’t recognize any of the dance moves but is impressed by the way her movements appear effortless. Something familiar catches his eye and he reaches over and clicks the sound on. The sheer volume takes him off guard and he quickly lowers the sound, shaking his head and laughing. The only other person he knows that uses the room at that deafening decibel is the boss. That’s what’s so familiar, he looks back at the screen and this time recognizes moves he’s seen Junsu practice time and time again.
Upon hearing the volume, Do-yun comes over to join him.
“Something interesting?” he asks as he looks over Joon-woo’s shoulder.
“See for yourself,” he responds pointing to the monitor.
“Huh,” is the only comment made for the next thirty minutes. “I’m tired just watching her, how does she keep doing that?” finally breaks the silence.
“Beats me, but damn. If someone else watches her like this each morning; I can see where the problem started,” Joon-woo comments.
“Sure enough. I was impressed with just how nice she was when we headed to the market. That and all her silly little waves at the camera,” he smiles to himself.
“You got those too? And here I thought it was just me, she thought I was special.”
Do-yun smacks him in the back of the head, “Yeah, you wish. She doesn’t even know who is on which shift meathead.”
“We could tell her,” Joon-woo replies then remarks, “actually, we really should. And next outing I get to go, you ‘ve had your fun.”
The security guard s are just too cute! lol
aye aye me likey the two security guards for meself instead of jusu
The security guards are too much lol. I wonder when Junsu will pop back up?