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(^ Aww, they're tuning in too c: )
So um.......
Aishh, I know this is really unexpected and I completely apologize for the sudden notice but please bare with me on this! *bows deeply*
Here's the story:
If you guys haven't noticed, I schedule Foreign Flower to release every Monday and Thursday at 7:30am standard Pacific time.
Starting the week with a smile, and ending the week with a smile, with some minor exceptions here and there. :)
However, I just released Chapter 7 on Monday right?
Well, as I was going through my agenda to plan things out for the month of March, I realized, WE'RE HALF WAY THROUGH THE SEASON.
You heard right, Chapter 6 indicated the halfway point but I completely missed the cue, so now we're a little over the halfway mark with Chapter 7 being published.
My plan was to take a week long break when we reached the halfway point mainly so I can catch up with writing and study for my midterms.... e.e
So yes, I will take a week long break.
Please don't be sad GD oppa! :(
Panda oppa, put the tissues down! Dx
I'm not abandoning you!!
Tabi oppa stahhppp!!
You're giving me too many feels!! Dx
Tae oppa! Get your perfect booty over here! I need you too! 3':
This is for the better good of the novel!
And because college is starting to ambush me with papers and tests.... :c
Foreign Flower will return March 10th, at 7:30am sharp, Pacific Standard Time.
(That's the spirit Dae oppa!:DD Maybe the others should learn from your optimistic views...... :3)
So, with that being said.
What's in store for Korea's Foreign Flower and her adventures with the Kings?
How about a special guest appearance, a dramatic increase of quality time with all five BigBang members, even dresses, camera lights, BigBang showing YOU off, and a confession?!!? :O
Omo! Please stay tuned for the second half of the season because it's going to be a Big Bang! ;)
Ah! One more thing!!
!!!Please take this survey!!
It's literally one question but trust me when I tell you that it is crucial to the story!! <3 <3
If you're looking to kill some time, check out these OneShots I made recently :)
Unexpected Dragon <-----Will be receiving a part 2 soon! Let me just pass midterm season x)
NamJoon <---- Isn't a thorough story but it's fluff :3
I only tagged my Alpha Nerd Squad (shout out to them <3) If you wish to be added to the squad, let me know :) <3
(I just didn't want to spam everyone! :c)
>>(( Here's the link to Chapter 8 of Foreign Flower that's finally been released!!))
Tagging the family that keeps me motivated! :D
If you do not see your name on here and wish to be tagged, let me know! :D
If you do see your name on here and wish to be removed, let me know.... :c
Sorry for the short notice once again! *bows deeply*
BigBang: "Guys! It's March 3rd! It's Sailynn's birthday today! Let's celebrate!"
Wut o.o no.
No. no. no. This was suppose to stay a secret! D:
Seungri: "Come on! I'm buying!"
No Panda oppa, no. e.e
Daesung: "I'll take Youngbae hyung's portion until he comes back with the presents...."
Presents!?! NO! Y'all beautiful faces and wonderful talent is more than enough for my hearteu! <3 Youngbae oppa! Come back! Dx
Jiyong: "You've worked hard, time to relax and have some fun."
You don't understand oppa, I can't slack off now! I have people depending on me.... Like- like- like the Jamba Juice guy that always has my order ready on Monday mornings! 3:
TOP: "So silly. Just sit and enjoy a drink, it's on us as a thank you for spreading our love to the world."
*blushes* I-I'm okay....
TOP: "Well then, we'll just have to use other methods to show our appreciation...."
W-wut m-methodss? o_o
Tabi oppa, you really shouldn't have! *cries*
This is why I love you as my ultimate bias and as a human being, perfect gentlebug! c':
Thank you everyone that has supported me thus far! I'll see you guys soon! *bows*
@katyng52 LOL. He'll be sad... she likes T.O.P!!
@katyng52 Omg. Totally. I may be wrong, sooo wrong but I was happy that it doesn't sound like he's the love interest in the story. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
@Sailynn @KDSnKJH urs is Daesung right?! that angel is my wrecker! haha I am happy too we 3 will get along and won't fight 😜
@katyng52 @sailynn I'm sooo happy the 3 of us don't share biases. I mean of course I would share. 😐
@katyng52 and @KDSnKJH I'd probably sh!t bricks but I won't mind, if he's around then maybe I could use my skills to my advantage to get closer to Tabii πŸ˜™ *clears throat* ahem. Er- I mean.... *fangirls* πŸ™ŒπŸ˜€
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