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Sorry smoker sanji I think it's better if kids see you sucking on the Lolipop that's bigger than your eyes haha. I think we get it, sanji is just cool, smoking makes him stand out as a playable character to a choose from, not a scholar to become and learn life from!! Keep it real and don't ruin stories US. You try so hard yet fail when it comes to school so anime should be your last worry. We are Ok and we can live!! Anime is life!! For me! So let us stand together and fight together as we believe in the true principles and beliefs of our loves!! Because isn't live about love and understanding one another and not about always looking for change in one another. See people for who they are, accept, love and cherish. Don't degrade based on bias opinions, looks, ideals, those are all ugly traits. Live the life you want to live NAKAMA!! I believe we can change this world into a place of love and friendship!! I truly give my heart and soul to the honor and belief of better times always to come next! Thanks for all who have and will continue as well as future support!! NAKAMA 4 life!!
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Most of the dubbed ones sound bland to me. (Well a lot of them anyway.) I have 2 exceptions: DBZ (Goku's voice actor in English is amazing) and InuYasha (InuYasha's voice actor is amazing as well). The feelings just seem absent. Idk maybe it's me. Lol @LuffyNewman
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@gatorchick96 yeah there is a few more. I can't watch DBZ in subbed to well lol. And I agree with inuyasha is good too.
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I can't believe they would switch the cigarette to a lollipop. jesus. I love Sanji the best BECAUSE he smokes.
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@InVinsybll that's the same here NAKAMA!! I mean he can't just throw down a lollipop every time he gets into a fight n smash it with his foot. It isn't the same. Lol
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It would be really awkward if he did. 馃槀馃槀
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