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McDonald's continues to keep their foot on the neck on their fast food competitors by providing new product by the boatload in 2016.
Today's new product is sure to a smile on the face of many consumers as they are letting loose a Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry.
According to a press release, the McFlurry will include bits of chocolate and Cadbury Creme Egg topping mixed in with soft-serve and comes in a special paper cup.
The downside?
1-The product can't be purchased until after 10:30 am. I mean, I doubt anyone would want a McFlurry at 6:15 am, but you never know when the sweet tooth will grab hold of you.
2-This is only available in Australia at the moment.
Lets hope this comes stateside soon!
They're way way too sweet
I'd be down for like.. a bite of this, but yeah, I'm with @InPlainSight. I'd probably get super sick from sweetness.