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Whether or not you agree with the styling or the actual fashion choices in my moodboards (or other Vingle cards), you can't deny that a lot of effort is put into making the cover images powerful, beautiful and click-worthy.
Special thanks to @nicolejb (and others) who have commented and left me messages about How I Make Them Look So Good. Well, I am going to share all my secrets with you in this card so that you can follow my lead and potentially, make your Vingle images even better than mine!
Note: I am NOT a Photoshop user. While I'm sure that program would make my life 10000000000000% easier, I simply am too busy with work, life and social media to devote time and patience for all that. So, if you're like me and want to up your image game quickly and easily, then keep reading!
These are the FREE PROGRAMS that I use: is my blank canvas where I can drag and drop text and images. lets me crop, adjust colors, contrast and image quality. lets me take backgrounds and make them clear, which is vital for fashion! lets me create awesome die-cuts out of pictures.
The fonts you see listed above are all free and come with Canva. There are tons more, but these are the ones that I use the most because they are sleek, modern, easy to read and virtually timeless.
When I want something truly spectacular, then I go to DaFont, online where I can download over a million fonts for free!
While it's true that images with text will yield higher click-thru rate (CTR), if the text comprises more than 20% of an image space, then certain sites like FaceBook will reject your image. That's why it's always a good idea to have two versions of your main image--one with text, the other without (or very limited).
To set your work apart from the millions of other moodboards out there, you want to BRAND YOURS so that it's identifiable immediately, yet without disturbing the vibe of your image.
If you look at my moodboards you will notice that I use the hashtag #marshallmonteith at the top and an image icon (of me) next to it. Directly under, I write a title of the moodboard to give the images context (or an editorial point of view).
The grid is to help you understand that images, when put into a collage always look best when organized in thirds. Even though that's not always the case, it's a good place to start if you're new to this.
As an example, I've chosen this image from this card to illustrate how I go about my moodboards.
1. Choose something that defines the overall image. In this case, it's the Etro dress.
2. Balance the textures of images by mixing it up. Soft muted dress paired with patent leather shine of the ankle strap sandal.
3, Don't worry about matching colors--instead match essences. Notice how the dress and glasses don't "match" yet they coordinate well.
4. Accessorize every outfit. I chose this masculine House of Emmanuele ring, which balances the soft feminine dress and sandal.
5. Odd numbers are best. I chose a main dress and four accessories.
6. Never overlook things like cosmetics. Moodboards are about complete looks, not just clothing and handbags.
7. White backgrounds are best unless you choose black. Gray is my second choice. I hate black.
8. Organize your images in a compelling way. Notice how the sandals are at the bottom, where the feet would be and the sunglasses are at the top, where the face would be.
9. Details are everything. Images should be profile or straight on--not three-quarter view. Shoes should always point inward toward the other images and not out. You want your eye to follow the direction of the foot (and to the other images), and not off the card.
I don't claim to be an expert. I only know what I've learned along the way and from personal preference.
With almost 20,000 followers across multiple social media platforms, my images have been seen, shared and translated into other languages, which is really cool!
I hope this has given you a good starting point to make your own moodboards and Vingle images come to life, and with great success!
I am always open to suggestions, comments, questions and general feedback. I'd love to hear from you!
This is so prefect. Thank you for the tips and the detailed post. I have been looking for a good app the whites out the background cleanly. This is perfect timing because the Guo Pei line this season was so beautiful that I have to copy the garments. And the backgrounds always drive me crazy when I put it in Word so this is a big help.
This is exactly why I look forward to your cards. They are always clean, well written, and beautiful. I can't tell you how much I appreciate reading something well written. Even if I don't care for some of the content, (ex: dresses or prices), I still thoroughly enjoy looking at them and participating. I love playing around with pictures to make them different or better. I've always been a huge fan of collages. I've made a ton of them for all occasions; birthdays, any holiday, friend's wedding, etc. I haven't found, (and haven't *seriously* looked for), very many good apps to use, so this list could be very helpful! I use Photo Grid and Photo Art. They're pretty simple to use, and make some really beautiful images. Especially the ones of my daughter. 馃槉
Wonderful! @StyleComposer let me know how you like the programs sometime
Sorry I just saw your note @nicolejb :) You're VERY welcome! I only WISH I had time to devote to learning PS. Oh well. too busy doing more important things. LOL Glad you already know about Canva
Awesome!!! thank you so much for sharing this!! I'm a big Photoshop nerd, but Canva makes it SO much more convenient to create things!! Plus, just like you said they have all the cool fonts:) I even use it sometimes for instagram images, etc. This is so helpful, thank you!!
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