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i like those time where you and your gf start going into a deep convo and just lay in bed towards each other and you start messin around , man those looks she gives you when she all snuggled up in pillow and bed sheets ....man makes you think man these moment are the best memories i love and hold close then after your done with that thought you just hold her and feel relaxed..... man i miss those moments.......
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best pillow would be if she donated her titties to a pillow factory, and then sold her kidneys to pay them to turn her titties into a pillow for the guy. unfortunately, her love doesn't run deep enough to do that. so the dude has to settle for resting his head on her uncomfortable thighs, while breaking his neck, so he can state at dem titties.
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each pillow is true
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@freep is a kreep
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Now this I have to agree 馃槏
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