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~Hope everyone had a great start to March! 馃構

It was perfectly normal for patients of yours to become attached, however never quite like this. Your mother was a doctor who worked at a smaller hospital in your neighborhood on the border of the magnificent city of Seoul. Due to the fact you had similar dreams in building a career in medicine, you regularly helped out at the hospital doing minor jobs alongside her so that you could make some money and also gain experience before college. A lot of the people there would smile at you and comment upon how hardworking you were, seeing as you would be running between rooms with different pieces of equipment while also jumping in to work at the front desk. They would all ask for your age to which you would reply that you were only in high school, and the shock on their faces would be evident. You actually met a lot of different people and gained relationships, however there was a soft spot in your heart for Mrs. Kim. Mrs.Kim was a rather elderly woman, she wasnt a bag of bones however she definitely wasnt as agile and hip as she previously was. She had some joint problems which certainly wouldnt hinder her to the extent of causing her to use a wheelchair, however she was forced to regularly come in to have professional massages done to crack all her bones and almost awaken the stiff material. She was one of the kindest and sweetest patients that you knew, and every occasion that she entered the hospital, she would immediately ask how you were doing and if anything was new. Sometimes, she would bring food specially for you and after a few months of seeing her almost everyday, the two of you and your mother were rather close. Today she slowly strolled in like normal, a bright smile on her face as she excitedly greeted you and you hopped off the stool you had been sitting on to go and help her into a comfortable waiting chair. You two immediately began to talk, and you were surprised when she suddenly revealed to you that her grandson that she had talked about so many times before was parking the car and would be in in a few minutes. You had never entirely gave him much thought, however she did bring him up in conversation rather frequently, comparing the two of you due to the fact you were similar in age. You laughed softly and nodded, excusing yourself so that you could go and tell your mother that her patient had arrived, and nothing could prepare you for the male who walked in. Taehyung stopped dead in his tracks when he laid his eyes on you, the car keys resting in his hands immediately losing its jingle as his fingers froze. His mouth opened to continue the sentence that was coming out of his mouth, however his brain seemed unable to form words at that point and he quickly broke eye contact, turning to Mrs.Kim before calling her grandmother. You felt your world crashing as you put two and two together and realized that the two of them were related. Kim Taehyung was a few years older than you, however the two of you attended the same school and you saw him on a regular basis. You had the biggest crush on him though, however all of your friends warned you about him. They told you that he was in some sort of a gang called BTS and he had a very strange and quirky personality, however you were so infatuated by him that you didnt really care for those details. The overwhelming feeling of seeing him and realizing that you had a very special connection with his grandmother caused you to get a little sick to your stomach because you were so nervous. The butterflies in your stomach only greatly increased when your mother appeared and helped Mrs.Kim into one of the hospital rooms, leaving you and Taehyung completely alone. So鈥ow are you doing? You barely remembered if that was how the conversation was started, however things honestly took off and you both seemed to click like puzzle pieces. You talked about your job and he explained how much he loved to help his grandmother, and when you spoke up about how much she boasted about him, Taehyung merely laughed. He explained that his grandmother had been telling him all about you and how badly she wanted the two of you to meet, and you couldnt help but secretly thank Mrs.Kim for how perfectly she had set the two of you up. However, before you knew it, Mrs.Kim and your mother were already out and the hour long session was up with meant that the two of you were going to have to part ways for now. You and Taehyung both exchanged greetings with wide smiles and assured each other that you would see one another soon, and just like this he began to attend almost every session. At the beginning of spring, Mrs.Kim decided to invite you to a family picnic - and she heavily insisted that your family attend because you and your mother had helped her so much with her joints. You were slightly embarrassed to show up in a dress because you knew that Taehyung was most definitely going to be there, probably in a suit and tie to celebrate their annual get together. It didnt help that your mother ever so slightly abandoned you to go and talk to some adults, and you had no choice but to go off on your own in search of your friend who you had grown quite close and attached to. You had given up after scanning the area at least twice, and with a sigh of defeat you headed to the table of food to pick up a few appetizers and soothe your hungry stomach. Your eyes scanned the yard to realize that other than Mrs.Kim and your mom, you pretty much knew no one here. Everyone was very friendly to you, however. You were about to go and throw your plate away when a hand fell upon your shoulder and you turned to find none other than Taehyung. And this right here, is my lovely girlfriend. You almost choked on what was in your mouth as you noticed a few of his relatives bowing and waving at you, to which you barely returned the gesture and attempted to swallow as Taehyung slung his arm around your waist and made small talk. Your cheeks were burning and you had no idea what was going on until his uncle and aunt retreated and he burst into deep chuckles, explaining that they refused to get off his case. You weakly smiled and raised an eyebrow, demanding to know why his arm still hadnt gotten off your hip. He grinned, exclaiming that he liked playing this game of pretend.

Credits: ExoBtsImagination

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Soooo cute馃槀馃槀 yaaaayyyy Jimin is next馃槏馃槏
I so want there to be more. This was really cute and it felt like it was building up to more. Grrr.
Tag me plz
Taehyung you little...!!!
Oh gosh, Tae what do you do to me?
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