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The L.A. Clippers have been a franchise on the rise over the past five years.
The team has acquired a nice collective of talent and solid coach. One of the big things missing from the franchise that was clearly evident at home games was a mascot.
The Clippers put that issue to bed this week, as The LA Clippers unveiled their new mascot Monday night: introducing “Chuck the Condor”.
Per The LA Times:
"The unveiling of the mascot was part of the Clippers’ continued rebranding efforts. Chuck descended from the rafters via wires as spotlights sliced the darkened arena and the theme from “2001: A Space Odyssey” played. […] “I sort of wanted to sneak it out here to you tonight,” Ballmer told fans."
"Chuck represents the California condor, the largest North American land bird with a 9-foot-8 wingspan that dwarfs even that of Clippers center DeAndre Jordan. The real-life species can fly at speeds of 56 mph and travel more than 160 miles in a single flight. It remains critically endangered, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature."
While this was a pretty good choice for those who willing to do their research on the state and their birds, it's still a pretty big stretch from the team name. I mean, the Clippers and a Condor? With that being said, the owner seemed pretty excited and the fans seem to be accepting the mascot with open arms, which is all that matters.

Ay or Nay: Do you like Chuck The Condor as the new L.A. Clippers mascot?

@danidee yeah I think he looks a little doofy too.. Lol
Maybe it's because he's so pink, but he kind of reminds me of that dodo bird dude from the old Disney Alice in Wonderland movie.
Well to be fair, a condor seems stronger than a clipper haha
I appreciate his doofiness though.
@kyleberke yeah, I've seen worse lol
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