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This game was originally made by @sarabear1021. My results were so interesting and hilarious that I died. Haha... Tagging some friends @xroyalreisx and @MrsJungHoseok. Here we go.
Haha so it looks like this handsome yet sassy man has found his way to my heart and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes. Who could deny that irresistible smile .
I never thought that I would ever wear a wedding dress that looked like it came from Disney fairytales. This dress was just too perfect and when he saw me walked down the aisle his face just shone up and whispered in my ear how beautiful I was
As we stood there and exchanged our handwritten vowels, I couldn't help but let the tears flow as I was so happy. It was the most breathtaking moment. And when he kissed me, he held on to me like he was never going to let me go. Everyone cheered, especially Big Bang or should I say Seungri!
The wedding reception was outside during a nice fall day! The weather was so perfect for a happy occasion. We all danced and laughed and had soo much fun.
Including both of our families and of course Big Bang oppas, we also had some special guests. Our good friends from A-Pink came thru and showed us some love. They even performed. Of course we also had 2ne1, BTS, Monster, Zion T. and soo many more. Zion T. performed a special song just for us.
After dancing for most of the night we do ally did the bouquet toss and the garter toss. Haha oh what a site. Seungri and Daesung decided to participate in the bouquet toss and Seungri caught it haha. We finally left for our Island paradise honeymoon.
☺When we finally came back, we moved into this beautiful mansion. So many bedrooms and bathrooms it could hold. so many. I thought it was too big but he thought it was perfect for one reason.....
Well a year later I gave birth to a little boy. And oh boy did he have his dad's smile. (I can smell trouble). Lol... but soon after our family grew and we had 5 beautiful little ones. Little mini GDs running around. Gosh and they loved their Big Bang uncle's ☺
I had so much fun making this card. I hope everyone else does too. @veronicaartino thank you for adding this. I loved your card too!
I love your card too.
Thank you @veronicaartino