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I've noticed, ever since I got into Kpop, I can never leave the house without two things: 1- My headphones.

2- MY KPOP!!!!

If I do, I feel like I'm going insane listening to people who are talking to me about things I don't really care for. I know that sounds harsh but when you have to sit at a lunch table full of cheerleaders who are talking about back handsprings and double tucks...or whatever the terminology. You would want to tune them out too. So, for this situation, I have are quick playlist I have on standby that will have you tuning out the basic people and jamming to your oppars/hyungs and noonas/eonnies! *This playlist is my own. If you don't care for some of my song choices and wish to recommend some songs, feel free to do so here: T/B/A*
*Most of these songs will have you dancing in your have been warned!* EXO- Call Me Baby, Growl, Mama SEVENTEEN- Q&A, Fronting, Rock VIXX- G.R.8.U. TWICE- Like Ooh Ahh, Do It Again, and I Think I'm Going Crazy BTS- Just One Day, Run, Can You Turn Off Your Cellphone VIXX- Chained Up SHINee- Married To The Music, Dream Girl, View Up10tion- So Dangerous, Never Ending JJCC- Bing Bing Bing, Fire, Insomnia Madtown- OMGT IMFACT- Lollipop Apink- No No No Sistar- Shake It!, Touch My Body GOT7- If You Do, Just Right
What did you think of this playlist? What are some songs in your playlist?
VIXX GR8U will ALWAYS put me in a good mood!
I do the same thing! I call them my "don't talk to me" headphones! Love your playlist!