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omg crying legit tears flipping everything HENRY MY BABY BOY ;____; I'm so happy for him. And the teaser is not his style AT ALL which makes me excited: he's challenging something new!! (truth to be told I don't think he can capture Korea with his current boy-next-door image) aaaaaahhhhh :3 henry....
I can't believe this.... =O but henry oppa u are gonna to do great in your debut ......fighting !!!!
ooooh Henry? I haven't seen much of him but heard that he's a music genius? congrats
All I have to say is that he looks hot!
@alisonpiscoya ikr? He's so talented and all I'm so happy for him!! @winterlovesong hehe totally xD he graduated from Berklee and his music sense is just over the top! @music15 YESSSSSSS ;____;
@chasinghapiness really? that's cool. I will watch out for him. He looks cute