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It's been 3 month sense Top was added to the BIG BANG crew and now he's just coming off from his 1st tour with Big Bang. "Ah I feels great to be back home" said Top *Haha* "yeah I bet it does feel great but how did you like being on your first ever tour with the group?" GD ask Top Top "Babe that's stupid question but it was amazing I love very minute of it and see all those fan scream and cheer for us was amazing!" "Well the nights not over just yet babe" GD says with a smirk on his face Top looks confused "What do you mean the night isn't over just yet?" Top ask GD with one eyebrow raised GD explains "Well I got some stuff while we were out on tour I don't think any of the guys saw me with it. But I got chains and a whip and I also go us some edible body paint" "Whoa whoa whoa chains? Really chains babe I like freak so stuff but chains? Really?" Top doesn't seem to like the Idea chains very much "Oh come on babe please" GD begs Pretty please GD ask again "Ugh god you are lucky that you are cute or I wouldn't being giving in so easy" Top said to GD Come on let's go They both go into the bed room Top takes GD pants off and behind him on to whoop with the new whip *whip* *whip* *whip* GD whimpers a little Top makes GD ass red. Then he stop and he starts to kiss GD ass but then he decides to flip off him Over. Top starts kissing GD on the lips then neck then his abs all the way down to his number. Top beings to suck on GD hard him while he fingers his ass "Ah yes baby damn that fucking feeling great "GD says to Top Top then pick up GD and makes him behind over Top slams him hard 9 inch member into GD ass. They body are moving they are in sync with other with GD grinding and Top thrusting his hip. "Don't cum yet I wanna make this last a while" GD says Top "Whatever babe" Top Said back to GD And right Top said GD pulled himself away from top then grabs the chains and chains up Top from his feet to his hands. GD then push Top the wall and Beings to thrust harder and harder Top starts to Moan louder and louder with each thrust GD makes *Shhh!!* "babe we don't won't any of the other members of the group to come down here" Top nodded his head "Hey lets go finish this in the shower babe" GD says to Top They both head for the shower The bedroom door starts to door open "Hello are you okay I hard some loud noise in here" Seungri put his head to bathroom door He can the shower going then he hear Oh yes oh fuck cum inside me Top cum inside me!!!! "What fuck is going in there? Kinda sounds like fun I wonder if I can YES! P Seungri looks inside "Oh shit!" He sees GD and Top having sex in shower "Holy fuck!!!" Say Seungri really loud Oh shit GD and Top say at the same time What fuck are you doing in here!?!? Top says in anger "I' sorry guys I just thought someone hurt and i..." Seungri is at. Loss for word and quickly runs out of the room "Shit if I would stayed in there any longer I would have attack them both" " Dude what do you think is gonna happen? Do you think he'll tell YG" Top ask GD sounding nervous " No I don't think so man all we can Do right now is play it but I do got something in mind though" GD says with a wicked smile
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