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Hey! It's Ash here and I have something to say.......... They got me in my feels, man. The group is called Voisper. I'm guessing a mix on the words 'voice' and 'whisper'. I just listened to their song, 'In Your Voice', and it has me 'in my feelz'. The harmonies are meticulously done and they are well in sync with one another. This song isn't that in your face, dance anthem that people usually think of when they hear Kpop. It's a slow R&B song that is wonderfully put together.
It's beautiful, isn't it? Apparently, they just debuted. I'm saying this is a great start. Not the usual expectation from a debuting group, don't you think? I like it.
Would you download this and put it on repeat? Would you recommend this to your mother? What do you think?
Yes I would download this. Thank you for sharing it.
I love them OMG I bed this in my life
beautiful. thanks for putting Voisper on my radar.
yep right I the feels
omg a new debut, im dying. so many new groups, imfact, astro, knk, vav, day6, now this one. They have real beautiful voices, I was like pulled in, all my.concentration was foocused on them, the world around me disappeared
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