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Hii this is 馃惓Sky!! So I'm sure most of you have probably seen these in your local stores now. I've seen it and finally had the chance to try them out today. As a whole I don't usually like BBQ chips but since I love Korean BBQ I decided to give it a try.
My initial thought when I got it was: "Yaaaass! I can finally try these! Don't even have to go to the Korean BBQ now."
The taste I can only describe as interesting but good. It tasted mainly like what the Korean BBQ smells like. Weird to say, I know but that's what it tastes like to me. It was slightly smoky and actually tasted a bit like Bulgogi too (just a tiny bit) which was pretty interesting to me.
When it was the end I was pretty bummed about it. I'm not a fan of BBQ chips but those I would rather eat that the regular BBQ chips. Safe to say I was sad to see it go. Overall 7.5 out of 10
i lit just tried then n they r sooooo how does lays even do it
maybe I can count on you.. on the side of the bag, it says korean bbq vs which flavor? I've been trying to find out ! lol
@BiancaMason I know right!! I was literally walking and wondering the ways of the world and Lays while eating them (-Sky)
they are so good yaaaas!!!!
@LenaBlackRose ah thank you! I really wanted to know! I will not be able to taste either one but I was so curious
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