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Kookie Memes.
Photos that make me question why I put him in my bias list.
Photos that remind me why.
Little bite sized Kookies! (I have so many I hate the 10 picture limit)
And last but not least.... The sTUPID EYEBROW RAISE HE DOES....
If anyone can let me know how to get gifs on here I will be very thankful! I tried but it wouldn't load and it kept saying that the link doesn't exist... ANYWAY, enjoy the card I made at almost 1 am on a school night cause I don't want to go to bed. Do you guys want this to be a series? I'll make it a BTS series for now if I get enough people who want it, but if you want any other bands (K-pop) I'll do the ones I know of and most familiar with :) Let me know if you want to be tagged in any series! Picture credit to the original owners *insert fancy c symbols and stuff so I don't get copyrighted* Tagged Beauties 馃檰馃徎 @bikutoria13
this was a beautiful card!! and I think you should make a BTS series 馃槉馃憤馃憤馃憤
Absolutely you should do a series!! I agree about doing EXO, or SuJu perhaps. Or ASTRO. Or any group, really. *is no help at decisions* oh and please do tag me!!
can u also do a EXO series plz
yas series! Kookie is so adorable gosh I love his derp faces hehe
but srsly how is this golden maknae human
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