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I was told this week is Vixx Appreciation and I could not possibly live without adding my bit to it.
Where do I even begin? There are so many things that I appreciate about these boys. They have done so much to help me in both big and small ways, and they have truly become very special to me.
Firstly, one of the things I appreciate the most is how hardworking they all are. They always put so much effort into there work to constantly deliver amazing music to us and they have never let us down when it comes to that aspect. No matter what it is Vixx gives 110% and I am truly grateful for all they have sacrificed for Starlight's.
Vixx has not hidden anything about themselves from Day number 1, and i really appreciate how honest they are about there personalities. I'm sure debuting in a group with people that are so starkly different from each other was very difficult, but they have never attempted to hide any of this from us. Vixx truly cares for each other and is very close, in ways I don't recognize in some Idols groups. Some groups seem so fake to me, however Vixx has never done that. They care for and help one another 100% whether the camera is on or not, which I think is a hard aspect to find sometimes.
Overall, I think I appreciate Vixx for simply being themselves. They have been honest since Day 1 and have not changed throughout the years. They make music I can connect with and I can always count on them to brighten my cloudy days. I appreciate the fact that I know no matter how depressed or lonely I may be, Vixx will be there no matter how long it's been or what has happened. What do you appreciate about Vixx?
@Helixx Thank you for doing that! I can't believe, I completely forgot. XD
This makes me so happy! VIXX really got me back into kpop and without them I'd never have found you guys!
@JiyongLeo <---- The event creator.
@KAddict No problem. I just wanted to make sure she saw it.