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Welcome to one of the new Funny Community games for March - the "That's Not A ____" Game!

How To Play:

1. I will start the game by saying "It's a _____!" (For example, "It's a polar bear!")
2. The first person to comment will go "That's not a ____! It's a _____!" and fill the blank with something that is loosely related to my item. ("That's not a polar bear! It's a penguin!")
3. The next person will continue the "That's not a _____! It's a _____!" chain with something loosely related to the new word they added. ("That's not a penguin! It's an ostrich!")

In short, the comment chain will look something like this:

A: "It's a bird!"
B: "That's not a bird! It's an airplane!"
C: "That's not an airplane! It's a helicopter!"

Alright, now let's get this started!

"It's a monkey!"

The first person to comment will comment with "That's not a monkey! It's ______!", filling in the blank with what THEY think it is. Okay? LET'S GO!!!!!!!
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That's not the bald eagle of America! That's an oversized hawk with a bad haircut!
that's not an oversized hawk with a bad haircut ,that's a falcon Share Gif: http://media0.giphy.com/media/Fp0UgjtbhrpsY/200w.gif
That's not a falcon! It's Star Fox!!
I'm done I'm out of ideas 😅😯😐