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The Tampa Bay Rays are set to have an exhibition match against the Cuban national team in Havana, Cuba later this month. And who's going to be there with them?

The POTUS himself.

We all know the President's love for sports and just the fact that he will be attending a baseball game in Cuba is very symbolic. On this issue, a White House official said,
"Americans and Cubans share a love of baseball, and this is yet another powerful reminder of the kinship between our peoples as well as the progress we can achieve when we leverage those natural ties."

Yay go Obama!

I think this is a great opportunity to not only show support for each other, but also unite the two countries through a mutual passion for the game of baseball. This is the second time a Major League team will visit Cuba to play baseball. The first happened in 1999 when the Baltimore Orioles played an exhibition match against Cuba's national team.

Can't wait for this to happen once again and the fact that Obama will be at the game made this so much cooler.

@Animaniafreak HAHAHAHAAH I agree! He's the freakin man!
I wonder if this could open up the doors for more Cuban players to freely play in the Major League!
@shannonl5 Hopefully haha. Cuba's known for it's love for baseball!
I'm gonna digress a bit here, but Obama is so photogenic! It's like I've never seen a bad picture of him! Even those ridicule ones, he still look damn good!
Wow! That is a huge deal. I hope it goes well