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Hi everyone!

I'm back with Vingle's guardian angel, Choi Minho to talk about something we all care about:

Correct community publishing :D

What's this, you ask?

Well, let's say you post a card about the different eras of BTS (like this one!) That card belongs in: Kpop and BTS communities.
Not the SHINee community, or Big Bang, or Boyfriend, or Learn Korean, etc :)

But you just want as many people as possible to see your card!

And that's totally great! But you have to remember that not everyone likes all Kpop groups, or all K-dramas, or to learn Korean. BTS fans will definitely love your BTS card, but SHINee fans join the SHINee community to talk about SHINee - not BTS :)
Imagine going into the Minho community and seeing TAEMIN.


Get outta here Taemin! This is a Minho-only zone!

If you're posting something that talks about a ton of different Kpop groups, or a ton of different K-dramas - just post it in the general Kpop community or general K-drama community instead of all the individual communities!
That way, the Starlights don't have to scroll through 20 SHINee memes to find the one HILARIOUS VIXX meme that is hidden in the card ;D

Then, everyone is happy and your card will be seen by all the people that really really want to see your content!

(If you're still confused, @jiggzy19 explained it really well here!)

Thanks for listening and thanks for always being awesome. Love you Vingle Fam!

Check out the other great things that Minho has taught us!

(PS! This is not meant to call anyone out. Everyone has done it before, even me! Let's all work together to keep our communities relevant and fun^^ Thank you!)
Sigh, what would we do without Minho? He's dreamy and adorable and, even when he has to be firm with us, he is still patient and kind. 😉
thank you minho for that
I love me some helpful Minho <3 (and of course you too gurrrrrrl @kpopandkimchi XD!!!)
And also you can always tag people to get a larger audience!!
In future when I am really familiar with each group member then put them in their own group.So please bear with me for the mistake . I did not do it on purpose. I like all the groups . When they compete I will choose base on their talents and capabilities.thank you.
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