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Although still pretty young, f(x)’s Krystal revealed that she’s preparing for retirement. In a recent recording of MBC Music’s Amazing f(x), the members wrote out things they wanted on their bucket list. To everyone’s surprise, Krystal’s list included retirement. “I don’t know if I can say this,” said Krystal on her retirement plans. “But I don’t want to show anyone that I’m getting more wrinkles and getting older.” She added that she wants to be remain beautiful in everyone’s memories. Although initially shocked, the other members slowly understood Krystal, as she was just worrying about her future as a celebrity. Meanwhile, Victoria wrote that she would like to open a cafe after retirement and Luna would like to be a good wife and wise mother to eight children. The first episode of Amazing f(x) will begin on May 28. Photo Credit: MBC Music [Copyright CJ E&M Entertainment Portal enewsWorld, All Rights Reserved]