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Yes Oppa pt3

Once again Yugyeom had to leave for performances and promoting. He was in Thailand the last you knew. Both of your schedules were getting busier. Got7 was becoming more known in the Kpop world and you had a dance show case coming up and a few auditions for some companies in Seoul. You were excited to finally be on your way to becoming a trainee. Before you know it you could be as big as got7. Then you and Yugyeom could be a dream idol couple. The thought of it was fun, but you had very far to go. "I'm just stressing over this bio test today." you said over the phone to Yugyeom " oh you'll be fine, science is your strong suit, don't even worry." he reassured you " I just want it to be done already, and I wish you were here." " well just study for the rest of your lunch and then you can probably squeeze in some time at the end of your next period then it will be test time, and I wish I was there too, but just know I'm thinking about you all the time. You and that perfect fucking body that I just want my hands all over right now." " ummm Yugyeom I really don't think you should be talking like that when I know your sitting right next to BamBam." " oh it's fine, he's got his headphones on." you laughed, "well I'm going to get back to cramming, thanks for calling me. I miss you." " i miss you too baby, and you'll do fine. Hwaiting. haha bye y/n." " bye Yugyeom." You were surprised at how easy the test was for you. Half the things you studied weren't even on the test and you were the first student to get done, which you didn't know if that was a good thing or a bad thing. You stepped out of your class room and through the crowd of students in the corridor you swore you saw a familiar face
"YUGYEOM!" you screamed. You ran up to your boyfriend who was holding a bouquet of flowers. You jumped into a hug and he laughed as he held you to him " hi Jagiya." you hit his chest "what are you doing here. Why didn't you tell me you were back." " I wanted to surprise you that's the whole point. These are for you," he said as he presented the flowers to you, " and how did your test go?" you looked admiringly at the bright petals, then admiringly at your handsome loving boyfriend. "it was pretty easy, but I don't even care. I'm just happy you're here." you went back into his chest for a second hug. He held you close and kissed the top of your head. "Do you have anything planned for tonight?" he asked you " no" " good, in kidnapping you then." he said as he grabbed your wrist and started walking you towards the front doors. "it's not kidnapping if I willingly go babe." you told Yugyeom " oh how I missed that quick mind of yours." he laughed. You laughed in response. He walked you to a familiar black car and got in
" come on, I'm taking you somewhere amazing." he said. You didn't hesitate to get into the car with him. You passed out after texting your parents that you were going to stay the night at a friend's house. You woke up to Yugyeom gently lifting you from off of his chest. You grumbled and rubbed your eyes. You couldn't process where you were, but you knew you must have been far from your town since it was now dark out. " where are we baby?" you asked Yugyeom in a scratchy morning voice " we're country side. Waaay out in the middle of nowhere, there's an apartment up top of this hill that I rented out until tomorrow. Just for us two." You both stepped out of the car and started walking up the hill to the apartment. The driver drove off into the night and you knew that it was really just you two out in the middle of nowhere. It was closer to a log cabin than an apartment. It was the first log cabin you'd seen in Korea, but I was still nice and romantic. Yugyeom waisted no time. the second you stepped through the door he turned you around and kissed you aggressively. He held your face in his hands and he was walking you backwards into you didn't even know where. You felt you back push past a door and that's when Yugyeom pulled away from his intense making out. He smiled down at you then turned you around by your shoulders. You had a smile mimicking his but it swiftly disappeared when you saw that there were two items layed on the bed. A light pink ribbon and hand cuffs. " what is this?" you asked in a a disappointed tone " these are my plans for tonight," he hugged you from behind and began sucking at your neck, "I told you how much I've missed this body and I want to show you just how much I've missed it." You were annoyed. You hadn't completely adjusted to Yugyeom's sexual preferences and you weren't in the mood for it right now. You were in the mood to just cuddle and be with your boyfriend that you hadn't seen in weeks. You just wanted to enjoy being with him. You didn't want to be choked or spanked or anything else. You pushed his hands away from you and you sat on the edge of the bed just staring at the ribbon and cuffs. " what's wrong?" Yugyeom asked you. He walked over to where you sat and kneeled down in front of you " this just isn't what I wanted to do tonight. I wanted to enjoy being with you because I haven't seen you in sooo long. The thing I miss the most is you just holding me close to you because when you do that I know it's for me and not for you..... when we have sex I feel like it's all for you." You still kept your eyes on the two objects on the bed that you didn't want to imagine the plans behind them "y/n I hate that you would think that," he sat down next to you, taking your hand into his,"everything I do anymore is centered around you. When I'm gone I do everything I can to end broadcasts quickly or photoshoots quickly so that I can call you just a bit sooner and I practice new dances harder so I learn them faster so manager hyung will let me go out to see you or Skype you. The whole point in me renting this apartment was to make you happy." you sighed " I appreciate all the things you do for me, don't get me wrong, but when it comes to sex I feel like all you're doing is pleasing yourself. I'm doing everything I can to wrap my head around why you can only get off when I'm in pain,but I just can't get used to it, I'm sorry I just can't." Yugyeom threw your hand in aggression. He stormed out of the bed room and you followed quickly behind him. "Yugyeom dont-" "no. YOU don't. I fucking told you y/n. I told you that if you can't handle the way I fuck then get out before either of us gets too attached and now here I am falling for you and you're just going to lay this shit on me. What the FUCK. I should have known you would pull this shit on me. And every time we've fucked I made sure you got off too so don't tell me that I'm only pleasing myself. Why? Why? WHY DIDN'T YOU JUST LEAVE WHEN YOU KNEW YOU WEREN'T UP FOR BEING FUCKED THE WAY YOU SHOULD BE!?" His yelling was only making you angrier. You now had this feeling pumping through your veins. You wanted to prove to him that you could handle being fucked by him. The way he was wording it made it seem like you couldn't handle the sex and you now had the anger that mad you want to prove him wrong. "THEN SHOW ME HOW I SHOULD REALLY BE FUCKED YUGYEOM." you raised your voice to match his and got right up into his face. You jumped onto him. Legs wrapped around his hips. Arms wrapped around his neck. Lips wrapped around his lips. He held you up by your thighs and walked you back into the bedroom. He threw you on the bed and grabbed the light pink ribbon that was still layed across the covers
he reached up to tie you hands together. He ripped your clothes off and his clothes off. Your nipples were hard from the exposure to the open air. He tossed your legs open used the tip of his dick to trace up and down your slit. This turned you on to no end and you just wanted to feel him inside you, but instead he got off the bed and grabbed a chair that was sitting in the corner of the room. He parked the chair just in your sight and sat down in it. He began stroking his long member. He tugged up and down along its length and he would rub his head gently then you back to pumping up and down on his shaft. He was moaning louder than usual and you watched with your pussy aching as he pleased himself. His face contorted and throaty moans continued to spill from his mouth as he jacked himslef faster. You reached down to start pleasing yourself. " keep those hands right where I left them." Yugyeom barked at you."Yes oppa." You shot your wrist right back above you head and continued to watch him pumping his cock. He stopped after a while longer then got up to untie your wrists. He pulled you up from off the bed.
he pulled the ribbon across your eyes and tied it at the back of your head. He then pushed you down by your shoulders until you were down on your knees. You felt him leave your side then return.
he grabbed your wrists again and brought them to what you believed to be the chair from the corner. You felt him clasp the hand cuffs around your wrists so you were now bound to the chair. You couldn't see and you were stuck in this spot. Fuck. You felt Yugyeom lift yout hips up and you rested your forearm on the seat of the chair and felt a strong smack land on your bare ass. "ahh." you let out. The first initial hit was followed by a series of several more smacks one after another."Do you want more?" "yes oppa," you replied. 30 to 40 hits later your legs were trembling and your butt had never been more sore. Yugyeom pulled your butt out even more and spread your knees wider. The cuffs were being strained against you wrists. You felt Yugyeom shove his entire length inside of you " OHH FUCK" you shouted. He began pounding into you from behind. Your pussy being stretched back open since the last time you had sex with Yugyeom. " Am I fucking you the way you should be!?" Yugyeom asked you as he continued to slam his cock into you at a steady pace. " Yes. Oh. PA." you said in the rhythm of his thrusts. He had his hands on your shoulders and was shoving himslef into you as he pulled you on to him. Your butt hurt. Your wrists hurt. Your shoulders hurt. And your pussy hurt. Yugyeom pulled out of you. " oh my god." you said exhausted, but you had no time to recover. Still on your knees. Yugyeom threw your left leg over his right shoulder. You had to support yourself by holding tight on to the chain of the handcuffs because you couldn't reach the arm of the chair. Your torso was twisted and your pussy was wide open. He began fucking you side ways. Somehow hitting deeper inside of you. "FUCK Yugyeom!" you said practically out of breath. He locked both of his hands above your left thigh repeating his action of pulling you down to meet him as he slams into you. Despite how exhausted your muscles were from holding your body up by your handcuffs and all the other pain you were feeling you felt pure ecstacy pulsing through your lower half. Yugyeom dropped your leg down from his shoulder and pulled his dick out from you again. You felt like your entire body could fall into pieces. Yugyeom reached up to un-cuff one of your wrists. As soon as you were free you collapsed onto the carpeted floor. Yugyeom was breathing just as heavy as you were and his body was shining from sweat. " Ready for Oppa to make you cum." Your body quivered and you swallowed despite how dry your throat was " Yes Oppa." you said staring him straight into his eyes. He took in a full breath and huffed it out. He threw your legs open and they were heavy from exhaustion. He positioned himslef at your entrance then slowly filled you up. He leaned down and began sucking and biting at your neck. His body slid up and down against yours you felt the pleasure rising in you again. You clawed at Yugyeom's back. He thrusted harder and faster than he had ever before. " Yugyeom. OH MY GOD. I'm cuming. I'm cuming... I'm .....ohhhh FUuuuck." The wave of pleasure washed over you and pulsed through your high. Your body clenched and released as the feeling slowly left you. Yugyeom came not long after you. He let out a fulfilled grunt when he pulled himself out of you. He layed beside you. Both of you breathing hard. You turned your head lazily over to look at Yugyeom. His chest rising and falling quickly. His muscles glistening with sweat. You pulled yourself over to him. He looked at you and you looked back into his deep dark eyes. You kissed him passionately. You were drunk on the feeling of love and you soon found yourself asleep on Yugyeom's chest, where you always loved to be. When you woke up you found yourself tucked into the bed still naked from the night before. You could see the morning sun shining across Yugyeom eyes. His chest rising and falling more gently from the last time you noticed. You got up to the fix the blinds so they weren't shining in his face. You heard him shift around I the bed and you returned to your spot and cuddled up next to him. "I need coffee." Yugyeom grumbled into his pillow. " Yeah me too." You rolled out of bed and grabbed Yugyeom's shirt. After you figured how to use the coffee machine you had two cups made and Yugyeom shuffled his way from out of the bed room wearing just his pants. ********alright I think the end is coming in part 4, tagging the usuals. Comment if you would like to be tagged in this story and any future stories and check out part one and two if you missed it********* @PliaVaj @luna1171 @merryjane13 @SusiBosshammer @tinafalcon22 @DeniseiaGardner @kpopdeluxgirl @KaeliShearer @AmberFranco
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