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If you're at all unclear as to why I have made this particular Jimin card, the title sums it up pretty well. However, if I were to elaborate I would say that I am making this card because Jimin is cluttering up my desktop and quite frankly, this kid is killing me and I can't with him right now. So, I've decided to share my torture with the rest of you.
Ah Chim Chim....
He's so pretty.
I want this first image in poster format so I can hang it on my wall.
Okay, so these may be screenshots I took from a live performance video...
He posted these on Twitter this morning... I am so in love with his moles, it's not funny.
I posted this collage on my Instagram last night, because Jithighs are life.
Some Jiminie memes.
Jimin Selcas- Because waiting for this kid to post new selfies is like waiting for Santa to arrive on Christmas.
Random Jimin.
Jimin + chopsticks is definitly OTP level.
Alright, I has successfully decluttered my desktop. Jiminie all around! I hope you enjoyed this lovely does of Chim Chim.
If you want to be added to my BTS tag list or removed, please let me know.
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@Helixx i think we should slow our education down just a little bit...just a little bit
I gotta crawl back into my grave again....|____
Keep posting this kind of things from jiminie! I love them and made my day 😻😻
@LemonLassie I don't know if that is possible... not when Jiminie is calling the shots here. @callmeguenza I surely will. Jimin pretty much rules my life right now.
oh my god w