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It's time to watch Stride!! I was kind of disappointed that this episode felt a lot like we pulled suddenly out of the action at first, but we got back into the issue of Riku being upset and everyone being totally confused by it. The pacing switches between episodes is kind of getting to me.

I love that the solution to getting everyone closer was to go relax at the pool!!!

With some swimmmminnngggg.....

And some volleyball!!!

Nana (once again!) managed to show that she has a real skill for helping people learn to connect & get along with each other.

Everyone else kind of....well.....weren't the best at that....

Well, I will admit this episode just wasn't what I wanted!!!

I'm too excited to see more racing and to get some actual conflict resolution between Riku / Tomoe & more.....I can't help but think even though Takeru & Riku kind of got through their problems in this episode, they didn't really??? This is just the start, I think. It just didn't seem like they got along enough still to make their team truly perfect.
But that's actually a good thing!!! Because it means that they will still have more interesting things to do in the following episodes which means YAY good things for me....haha!!

Can't wait for next week!!