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Bungo Stray Dogs - PV 2 Released!

If you haven't heard about Bungo Stray Dogs yet, stop right now and GO READ THIS CARD that will give you the run down on who's behind the show, some character designs, and PV1!

Then, you may continue reading :3

Here's the PV 2!!

Thoughts: soundtrack sounds bomb, seems fun, the city shots look really detailed and awesome, too.

And more Bungo News:

It turns out that the anime will be Split cour. Part 1 will air in Spring 2016, Part 2 will resume with the Fall 2016 season in October. Depending on how much I end up loving Part 1....well, I'll probably be wanting to watch it sooner!!

So, who's still hype for Bungo Stray Dogs?

& this kinda reminds me of Durara!! :o
omg he kinda sounds like Hinata from Haikyuu!! xD
@koifries I can definitely see how its similar to Durara!!! I'm more excited fo rthis though XD
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