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Happy 26th Birthday to the talented, handsome, yet adorable Lee Hongki !! <3 I decided to make a card in honor of my ultimate bias and talk about 5 reasons why i love him! <3 *If it wasn't for FTisland i would have never gotten into Kpop* I hope you guys enjoy! ~~<3

1). His Voice

Lee Hongki has one of the most beautiful voices i have ever heard! The way he is able to put his emotions in any song he sings makes his unique vocals absolutely breath taking. *When he first debuted he actually cried at the end of performing a song because of how into it he got*

2). He Is Unique

He has never been afraid to express himself. For example, his love for nail art is seen as wrong because he is a man but he continued to do it anyways because it was something he really enjoyed.

3). His Smile

Whenever he smiles you can just see how happy he is in that little moment. Its Hongki at his most innocent which is what makes him so loveable.

4). He Can Be Adorable..

4). …… Yet So Manly. *#4 continued*

5). He Has A Huge Heart <3

He has never failed to prove how much he loves his members and fans! Even though he is not the leader of Ftisland he swore that he would protect Ftisland and the members no matter what. Also, he once bought snacks for nearby fans. How cute is he?! ~~<3
Haha~ Back at ya! Nice to meet you @PolarStarr (^ ^)/~hii
Aww! Happy Birthday Hongki!! F.T.Island got me into K-pop too, so they always hold a special place in my heart. I'm always so happy when I come across other people who love Hongki and FTI as much as I do. ^w^
Same here! And thats amazing It is really nice to meet another FTisland fan! 😊😊😊😊 @LikeABird