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60 staff members of Shinhwa Company received a huge bonus from CEO Eric! It didn't matter if they were just rookie employees, hairdressers, or an important executive. This is because Eric promised to give a bonus to all the staff if they won on 'M! Countdown', and since Shinhwa snagged the trophy on the 23rd, he followed through on his promise. Most of the staff members weren't even expecting the bonus, even with his promise. But they were all surprised because they received the money - and they all got the same amount, no matter where they ranked in the company. Source: allkpop AHHHH!! I wanna be part of the company too ;___; they are so good to the employees that it feels like family instead of a business <3 I've read that Eric diligently listed down all the staff members to make sure he didn't miss anyone. And even though the actually amount is kept hidden, it is said that the sum of all bonuses is around tens of millions of won (tens of thousands USD). I do hope though, they don't pay out bonus too often else the company will go bankrupt haha (just kidding). Shinhwa jjang!
Mississippi loves Shinhwa! Awesome group of stars!!
This is so good of them! They always keep their promise :) no wonder they are a legend!