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Sorry I haven't been uploading the Exo vampire stories lately, I've been have writers block trying to come up with something. So for now it's on a temporary hiatus until this weekend or sometime next week.
(Baekhyun's P.O.V) It was now half time. My eyes scanned the crowd to find the one person I wanted to see the most. Where is she? She told me she was going to be here. "Looking for (y/n)?" My best friend Chanyeol asked me. "Yea, I'm worried something might have happened." I replied. I need to stay focused on the game, but (y/n) not being here by now is really making me worried. (Your P.O.V) "Mom, please! You know how much this game means to me!" I yelled from my doorway. "(Y/n), it's final! You're not going! Now go to you room and study!" She yelled back. I was grounded for getting a C in one of my classes. She needed something to blame, so she always blamed my boyfriend, Baekhyun. To her, it was always Baekhyun caused this, Baekhyun is the fault for that. I was looking out my window when I heard a *ding* come from my phone. I made my way over to my bed and picked up my phone. (Y/F/N): Why aren't you at the game? I can tell Baekhyun is worried about you. (Y/n): My mom grounded me. Do you think you could come get me and let me stay at your place for a little? (Y/F/N): And risk your mom hating me? Alright, I'll be there in 10. I'll park across the street so your mom thinks someone is going to be over there. (Y/n): This is why your my friend. Thanks btw. When (Y/F/N) showed up, I quietly, but quickly slipped out my window with my backpack and some clothes. I put my stuff in the car and got in the passenger seat. "Thanks (Y/F/N)." I said shutting the door. "No Problem, half time is about to end so we need to hurry." She said as she made her way back to the game. (Baekhyun's P.O.V) Half time is going to end any minute now and (y/n) still isn't here. I scanned the crowd one last time, before we were called back on the field to play. I can hardly focus on the game. I'm so worried about (y/n). "Good luck Chanyeol~!" (Y/F/N) yelled. Wait that's (y/n)'s friend. As I looked over my shoulder to see if (y/n) was with (Y/F/N), I heard the voice I had been waiting to hear, "Good luck Baekhyun~! Hwaiting~!" I gave her a thumbs up and continued towards the field. *Time skip to end of game* On our way to the locker room, the team was talking about our victory. I saw (y/n) with her back facing me. I made my way over to her and back hugged her. "Ew, Baek, get off me. Your all sweaty." She said. "I thought you wouldn't make it." I whispered. (Your P.O.V) I was near the locker room talking to (Y/F/N), when I felt someone hug me. They were really sweaty. "Ew, Baek, get off me. Your all sweaty. I said. "I thought you wouldn't make it" Baekhyun whispered to me. "Even though I got grounded, I still came. Now my mom doesn't know, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't miss the first football game I said I was free to go to." I replied to him. (Y/F/N) having a conversation with Chanyeol when he came out of the locker room. "Aigoo, your not supposed to go against your mother, Jagi." Baekhyun sighed. "I know, but I had promised you I'd come watch you and the guys play. I wouldn't miss you play for the world. Now go get changed while I convince (Y/F/N) to let you and Chanyeol hang out with us." I said as I gave a kiss on the cheek.
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