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So here ya go. The world needs to be saved (again) and u are chosen to pick 4 ppl to save it. U have to pick 1 Marvel character, 1 DC character, 1 game character and 1 anime character. Who do u chose?
My team! Thor close combat, mid range attacks, long range lightning bursts. Super strong and can fly. Aquaman close combat, mid to long range attacks. Can use water to amplify Thors lightning. Super strong, land and sea combat. Sephiroth the single most greatest swordsman of all time (fangirling). Has magic, long range attacks. Super speed. Close combat. Lord Sesshomaru. Demon. Master swordsman, poison claws and whip. Has a sword Tensaiga that can revive ppl. Very hard to kill. Has a dog demon form. Super strong and super speed. Earths enemies don't stand a chance! So friends who do u pick to save us?
me, myself, aaand...let me think...I
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The Hulk, Superman, Commander Shepard & Saitama
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Deadpool, batman, Leon S Kennedy, and of course Goku.
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Loki Green Arrow Vergil and Spike
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Thanos, Batman, Alex Mercer and Mugen or Crying Freeman
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