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Lee Hyori recently turned into one of the "Bad Girls" for her grand return to K-pop, but she wasn't the only one. CL also made her solo debut as "The Baddest Female". Lee Hyori jokingly called out her hoobaes on Twitter sharing, "CL, this gijibae [play on CL's Korean song title - Bad Gijibae (Girl)], won't come down when this sunbae is trying to get #1~~ this bad gijibae~ and meanwhile, b2st these rascals revealed a pre-release these rascals~~", pointing to CL and B2ST who recently gave Lee Hyori a double whammy with their comeback on the same day as her. Source: allkpop Haha she's so cute! She's joking but also promoting her hoobaes at the same time by mentioning their comebacks. such a down-to-earth diva, you can't find anyone like her!
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She's definitely a queen of Kpop! so cute i love her