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First off, there are so many great dancers in the Kpop world it was hard for me to choose just one dancer that I liked.
Second, of course I'm starting with my baby Key!!! I mean this man I honestly don't think there is a dance he can't master. His dancing talent is just as amazing as his voice. I am literally mesmerized by his dancing I could watch him dance all day long and still want more. He pulls off the sex appeal like it's second nature to him. He is known for his girl group dances, but in some cases he gets looked down on how well he can do those dances and is called "gay". I honestly think he can dance them better then the girl groups. Seriously I don't care if he is or isn't gay I'm not going to love him any less what ever his sexual preference. I just want him to continue showing us his amazing talents. I saw this maknae rebellion video and I couldn't believe just how manly he is.
Then of course it's Jimin and J-hope, I love how they move and their strong sex appeal. They even are good at girl group dances, I honestly love seeing the boys do girl group dances they make them more sexy and they make it look so easy (I can't dance to save my life, but I do it anyway because I love it.) There are the boys who do girl group dances and make it funny, then there are people like Key, Jimin, J-hope, Jungkook who actually can make it either, but they like to do a good job at it why? Because they have such a strong passion for dance.
I'm not a major EXO fan, I mean I like EXO but I haven't put much effort into learning every thing about them but I'm slowly working on it. I do know Kai and I think he is absolutely sexy as hell. (If you haven't noticed by now I tend to fall for the dancers).
If I was doing this in order of how I found these guys, Eunhyuk would have been first, since Super Junior was my first Kpop group. It took me about a year to pick a bias from this group because I love them all and just like with BTS I couldn't pick just one. But I finally did, and of course it is the main dancer of the group. I would love to see Eunhyuk, Key, Kai, Taemin, Jimin, J-hope just to name a few that I'd love to see a dance off between these guys.
These are just a few that really move me, there are plenty more but that would take way too long..
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YES! I always forget about Eunhyuk but he's SO GREAT