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Hiya Vinglers! tbell2 here with another installment of {Throwback Thursday}! For those who don't know March is the Month of Women's History, and so this month my Throwback Cards will be about some powerful women in anime!
This Week is Princess Mononoke the anime movie I choose to talk about. I wrote a card before about Princess Mononoke in my Ghibli Collection. This movie is a definite watch! Highly recommend if you haven't seen it!!

And So, let's begin!

This was released in Japan in July 1997 and directed & written by our wonderful Hayao Miyazaki. He is a godsend of manga and anime talent! Toshio Suzuki is the producer of Princess Mononoke and is also a long-time friend and colleague to Hayao Miyazaki. They also have worked together with many Ghibli Films, we are familiar with like, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki's Delivery Service, and many more! The Studio Ghibli team did a magnificent job of getting this masterpiece together!
San is a very strong independent woman who is know as Princess Mononoke! She is the princess of the wolves and will do anything to protect them and fight against the humans of Iron Town and anyone who opposes her.
She rejects her humanity and will stay by Moro's (the Head of the Wolves) side. San really was raised by Moro and has grown into the most beautiful young women ever. And by Beautiful, I mean she has learn to take her own path even though many humans would judge and seclude her, she is such a strong individual for that age, she firmly stands by her beliefs and doesn't let anyone else pull her down, and most of all she will protect the ones she truly cares about--she will risk her life in a heartbeat for Moro and the pack. And I think all those reasons are what make her truly beautiful inside and out!
We also can't forget Eboshi Gozen! She is the leader of Iron Town and she is another powerful leader! She is also a fighter and she kept her composure around her people. She is a strategist and knows how to fight her battles.
The Women of Iron Town aren't anyone to sniff at! They are strong and have it all together! They keep the Town together while the men are in battle. The women actually seem more motivated and pumped for battle than the men at times!
And I can't Leave out Ashitaka! He is absolutely terrific! Even with the curse he fights to all ends, and at first he fights for himself against the humans vs. the wolves. He will do anything to fight for what's good and will help San.
I don't to spoil anything but I really hope you see it if you have it already! It is truly wonderful movie!
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@MajahnNelson instant need to watch now!! Add it to the list or watch it soon NAKAMA!! Promise you won't regret a thing. Maybe some sweat and tears but you will believe NAKAMA!!
oh, yea. I love my princess mononoke. It is one of those magical films that really feels like a journey. Plus I have a thing for saving nature films. I love mother nature/forest spirit. ohhh I also love the kodama ♡.♡
Love this to death!! Princess Mononoke is a serious life changer!! I still watch it atleast 1 a month never gets old, of course none of the Ghibli films do especially not any from Hayao Miyazaki!! Forever studio Ghibli!!
I've heard about this before a lot and I really want to watch it now
This is my favorite Ghibli movie
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