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I was requested another jealousy GD and just GD himself so here is the little butt 😂 For you flufflies✨ @Maddie27 @KeziahWright
That's right, GD, check yourself before you wreck yourself!
That's right be embarrassed.
Hoped you like Ji being a jealous butt lol I thought it was funny😂 Remember if you want any specific people or subjects, please let me know! And I will get to them as soon as I can! (I have your Zico coming, I didn't forget lol they were just two different people and subjects so I figured I'd do them separately) I'll tag all the flufflies❤️ @Helixx @GDsGF @Mikim000 @DenieceSuit @jeppblackmen @JasmineWilliams @elizabeth1234 @kpossible4250 @MalihaAhmed @ivyheart13 @KaylinJones @patoramirez9798 @luisacarmona @GamerKyumin @HuonTreeRoo @Michellelbarra @Jiyongixoxo @Maddie27 @QueenLele @AlexAckerman @KeziahWright
@Kpossible4250 IM SO SORRY I JUST REALIZED YOU ASKED FOR A TOP TEXT I JUST WENT BACK AND LOOKED THROUGH THE COMMENTS IM SOOOO SORRY I'LL GET IT TO YOU RIGHT AWAY I PROMISE😭😭😭 I guess the first time I read it I just looked for who said to be tagged. I'm so sorry 😭 is there any subject you would like specifically?
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@NEOisRealo I am thinking 'a man who know what he wants and he goes for it no matter war's type of manly, coz I always envision Tae is more of a gentleman type..😆. but hey I trust u'd hv even better ideas to melt us with!! 😘
LMBO ... that was so funny!! Please tag me ... hhmmm ... SeungRi
I AM SOO SORRY GUYS SCHOOL HAS KEPT ME BUSY I HAVEN'T BEEN ON IN AGES @Helixx alright so I have figured out yours and its on the list @Maddie27 I have a Rap Mon on the list, would you like a certain subject? And any for Zion? (OMG I CANT WAIT TO DO ZION I LOVE HIM SOOOOOO MUCH) @katyng52 I'll see what I can do ✨ @YunBao I'ma just do all of BB lol any specific subject you'd like?
That's okay @NEOisRealo😄 I'm getting ready for my exams too😁 As for the themes of the texts... I'd love one where I'm playing my instrument at cafes and rap monster slowly begins to notice me 😉 and I want you to make up the theme for the zion.t one please:)
@Maddie27 okay I'll see if I can do that lol and I'm pretty sure my brain will go crazy through Zion because lord he is love❤️❤️❤️❤️