I guess that I must do this one, since I suggested it... When I was fifteen, I had a crush on a guy at my friend's church. So, even though I wasn't religious at the time, I would attend all of the teen activities and even attended service on occasion. On the day of a particular activity, one that I had been eager to attend, my friend "B" asked if I'd come back to her house to feed her horses and chickens and muck out stalls. I never minded helping her, so I agreed. To my surprise, my crush "N" asked to come along and B was okay with it. I was super nervous and quiet all the way to her house (and she lived waaaaay out in the country, so it was a long ride), while they talked about school and stuff. I was in the back seat, and N would turn around and ask me stuff and I'd just nod, blushing furiously. At B's, they fed the chickens while I turned out the horses. I was starting to think B liked N, too, and I felt discouraged. I've never really been one to compete for a guy's attention, so I was already figuring that it wouldn't be long before they started dating and I was wishing I wasn't always so afraid to talk to people. B and N came to help with the stalls. B asked N to get the wheelbarrow, which was on the other side of the stable. While he was away, she told me that N actually liked me and wanted to ask me to the Gold and Green Ball that night. (What a great friend!) I was shocked! After we mucked out the stalls, we still had a few hours before the ball, so N wanted to explore B's property a bit. Her parents owned over 400 acres, and there were some interesting old buildings and the abandoned trailer her family used to live in. For some reason, knowing that he was interested in me made me a little braver, and I had started talking and joking around. On our way back to the house, N mentioned that he had noticed a rope hanging down at the back of the stables and asked what it was for. B explained that it went up to the loft, that the stairs had rotted away and it was the only way up there. So, for some reason, we thought it would be fun to climb up there. There was a thick rope hanging from a high rafter, but there was a sheet of thick plastic stapled to the wall. N tried to go first, so he could help us into the loft, but he didn't even get halfway up before he lost his footing on the slick plastic and fell on his bum. B tried, with a similar result. They kinda just took turns unsuccessfully scaling the wall. I watched, noticing that their feet slipped less when the flat of their foot was pressed to the wall. So, when I finally stepped up to try, I kept my feet as flat as I could against the wall, and put most of my weight on my arms as I climbed the rope. I really couldn't believe I was actually doing this! I could feel their eyes on me, and I was a little scared of falling, but it was exhilarating! There was an awkward moment, at the top, when I threw my legs onto the floor of the loft but was still hanging onto the rope, and my upper body was still hanging over the edge...I kinda got a flash of falling headfirst below...but I twisted around and released the rope. I told them I was ready to help them up, but they had changed their minds about climbing up there and...whoops! it was time to get ready for the dance. So, I climbed (half repelled, half fell) back down and felt awkward and nervous during the walk back. I worried that I had irritated him by making it up to the loft when he couldn't and that I had made it worse by offering to help him up. I sat out in the car, waiting for B to get ready (she was going to take me to my house to get ready, and then to N's so he could). N came out and got in the back seat with me. My face grew hot and butterflies swirled about in my stomach. "Um...I wanted to ask you something..." he pulled out a small box containing a pair of silver dolphin earrings. I felt faint and started shuddering. "Would you like to go with me? And would you be my date at the ball?" I nodded slightly...I wasn't even sure it was enough for him to notice, but he quickly slid over and stole a kiss. My first kiss and my first boyfriend...as shocked as I was, I couldn't help but enjoy the long, delicious make out session that followed. So...it was worth it!
WHAT!! This is the best story ever!! haha it's not even embarrassing a little bit. Also, that B lady sounds like a great friend:) what ever happened with you and N? Did you have a great time in your dolphin earnings at the dance?! I love this story so much!
馃樁 Thank you
aw.... such a sweet story! <3
N and I only dated two weeks, but we were friends until he moved away. I was also really good friends with his sister, and we're still friends on Facebook. (It didn't really feel right to friend him, since he's married.)
oh my goodness that's such a sweet story!! And you told it so well. What a beautiful memory
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