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According to Kim Bum′s agency on May 30, Kim Bum was recently cast for a role in the Chinese drama V Love, a drama often called the Chinese version of Gossip Girl. Kim Bum will play a role of a head of a luxury restaurant. He is always confident and strong, but he rarely gets along with the people around him because of his perfectionist tendencies. He has already started filming in Shanghai. His costar will be the popular rookie artist Li Xi Rui. The drama also stars Yang Mi, Yue Man Lok, Zhou Bi Chang and more top Chinese stars, and it has been drawing interest not only for its star-studded cast but also its romantic story. He will be shooting for this drama alongside with his "Goddess of Fire", MBC's next historical project. Chinese version of Gossip Girls? I'm so looking forward to this! Look at him in that white suit and sunglasses... so handsome. But hope he has enough rest, it's not easy to film 2 dramas at once. :(
@ZitlalitRodrigu actually there are many good chinese & taiwanese drama around! ;) I'm sure you will love this one too. @danamoore1969 me too! both will be good. Anything with kim bum in it is good :D @chasinghapiness tsk tsk he suits the 'prince' and 'rich guy' image kies!
looks like I gotta start watching chinese drama..I loved kim bum in padam padam
Kim Bum in a rich guy role again? This reminds me of BOF lol. But anyway cpngrats!
I am looking forward to both dramas:) OPPA:)