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I'm sorry you are leaving. once I said I was going, just ask @kpopandkimchi. but I was encouraged to stay and I got the hang of things. sometimes I still feel like I go unnoticed but someone is reading what you have to say. I felt like it was about likes or followers but it's about expressing your love for whatever it is you like. some here are makers working hard on collection's and others are spectators. I hope you decide to stay.
I hope you change your mind and decide to stick around. For me, Vingle is not about popularity. It's about doing what I enjoy doing and learning new things about the groups and idols I care about and making new friends. Some people will like the stuff I post and others won't and either way is fine because I have a place where I fit in regardless of what I post. If you truly no longer get any enjoyment from Vingle and won't miss the folks on here whom you've connected with, then I wouldn't want you to continue on here because you'll just be miserable. But, I do sincerely hope that you find a reason to stay. Vingle won't be the same without you and your unique voice.
what? no stay
why??馃槶馃槥 I really love your fanfics I'm gonna miss you!!!馃槶馃槶
goodbye I'll miss you so much
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