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'I cant loose you. Because If I ever did i'd have lost my best friend, my smile, my friend.....My sister' ~Flashback~ "Wow, its really cold out eh?" Sooyoung comments burying her face into her fluffy large circle scarf. She glances at Areum from the corner of her eyes who seemed to be pouting. "Ahh, dont tell me your still mad! Common Areum!! Im sorry! Next time i'll loose on purpose!" Sooyoung sighs out as Areum pouts further. "Im not angry Unnie! Its just..." She chews her dry chapped lips as she thinks of the right words. "Whenever i play with my friends i always win! No matter what they challenge me at! But with you! I-i dont know!!!" Areum sighs out frustrated. She eyes the arcade in distaste. "Are you sure thats the only reason?" Sooyoung teases stopping and standing in front of her sister. Her sister avoided eye contact looking at the nearest thing with interest which happened to be a garbage bin. "Areum. I know your upset about something else! Tell me! It's been soo long since we've been together!" She says softly, in a comforting manner, definitely not expecting a harsh reply. "Thats the point! We barley spend time together! We've drifted apart just like mom and dad!! And whenever we do make time for each other your too busy texting your boyfriend! Its like you CANT stay away from him for a bit!!" She grumbles, Sooyoung felt her heart twinge in pain,guilt raises, she should be spending time with Areum and forget about her boyfriend Luhan for a day right? But she simply couldn't.. 'Only if you understood...only if you knew' Sooyoung puts on a smile leaning towards her fragile sister cupping her cold red cheeks and making her look up into her eyes. She smikes adoringly at her little sister. 'Only if she knew what i was doing for her..' "Im sorry mom and dads separation has been such a big deal. But in not drifting apart i swear! Your all i think about! Your all i cherish! And im sooo ignoring my boyfriend! Lets go grab some bubble tea?" She suggests. Areum looks up a huge smile blossoming her face. "Fine..but i get extra large!!" She proposes. Sooyoung grabs her and slings her arm into hers, "of course! Anything for my little pig!" She teases. Walking into the toasty warm shop Sooyoung's phones vibrates indicating Luhan had messaged her. But this time she felt weirdly about it. Usually when receiving messages she would be giddy and looking forward to reading it. But why did she feel sick to her stomach? She knew mates are connected, is that what this was? Was someone hurt? Worse, was Luhan hurt? Sooyoung knew she had just made a primise not to pick up the phone but she had to check it. "Areum you order, im coming back from the washroom ok?" Sooyoung quickly runs into the washroom hallway pulling out her phone: Luhan: babe, there is a rouge vampire on the loose, i want you to lock youself in you house and dont go outside. If he comes across you and figures out your a wolf, wose being he finds out were mates he wont hesitate to kill you. Your sister is with you right? Take her and come home. Stay safe, love you. Sooyoung's breath hitches, her heart beats faster due to fear. Not fear of her own safety, fear of the fact if she could hurry and take her sister home she would be endangered her baby sister whom she worked so hard to protect will face the thre monsters of the world. "Sooyoung you didnt tell me what flav-" Areum stops mid scentance seeing the phone in Sooyoung's hand, feeling betrayed her face darkens. "You promised!" She spat clenching her teeth. Not letting Sooyoung explain herself she continues. "Hah! I should have known you cant go a second without talking to your boyfriend, gosh im such an idoit! Your just like dad! Unable to keep promises ! You ar-" a slapping sound can be heard as Sooyoung's hand makes contact with Areum cheek. Realazing what she had done she retracts her hand, sadness and guilt crossing her features "A-Areum! Im soo-" "cut it! Your just like dad.....i hate people like you...i HATE you" she growls running out of the hallway, running out of the shop. Not taking time to rethink what she has done, Sooyoung runs out of the hop. The vampire was still out there and her sis could be his next meal! Dashing out she sniffs the air smelling her sister, but she freezes in place...a burning overly sweet scent fills her nostrils making her blood run cold. It was a vampire, and it has her sister. She runs to the place where there scents stopped, running blindly to the alleyway. To her surprise Areum just stood there frozen staring at her with fearful eyes. "L-leave" she stutters own her eyes warning Sooyoung off. "Areum i can explain, please let me-" "GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME YOU MONSTER!" She screeches tears flowing down her cheeks. Sooyoung's heart broke into a million of peices as she looked at her sister, broken. She felt cold, not because of the weather but because of her heart going cold. Slowly a small smile made its way to her lips as she steps closer. "No, I'm not leaving you" she says sternly "i don't care if you hate me, but i don't...i love you" she says as Areum eyes soften. "Isn't that sweet? Ah, you should have listened to her and left when she gave you the chance." A taunting voice echoed in the alleyway, Sooyoung spins around towards the vampire. Then everything clicked. Those hurtful things Areum had said, she had said that to protect her. To protect Sooyoung. Sooyoung feels Areum tremble in fear, she wanted to shift to protect her little sister but what if Areum actually thinks of her as a monster afterwards? She has kept this secret away from her since she was born, worst of all what if Areum lost complete trust and faith in her. Lone in her own thoughts Sooyoung almost forgot that the vampire was mere inches away from her glowering down at her human self. "You will not get you hands on her you filthy leech! Over my dead body!" Sooyoung snarls dangerously. The vampire chuckles, loving the scent of fear in the air "Over you dead body huh....cool" with one swift move he jabbed his hand threw her heart. Killing her instantly. In a swift move Sooyoung's life ended, and one swift move both Areum's and Luhan's life completely flipped upside down. Areum let out a piercing scream noticing her sisters blood had stained her face, her sisters blood had pelted the milky white snow looking like red rose petals. 'Areum...' ~End of flashback~ "NONONONONO!!" Areum woke up screaming her lungs out, her body was drenched in sweat and she felt her insides burning with pain. Luhan and Xiumin burst into the room, Xiumin immediately scoops her up into a warm protective huh murmuring she was alright. Xiumin knew Areum was haunted of her past, heck they all knew. But they didn't know exactly 'what' happened. They figured it would be best if they waited toll she was ready. Luhan walks to the side of her bed taking her hand and squeezing it. Tears endlessly fell down to her cheeks. The pain her her chest numbing, but she knew the guilt never will... ------------------------- This is a little back story about how Sooyoung died, sorry if it was too gore, it was weird for me to write that! Tags: @DestinyXiong @Orihemay @KathyCrew @Eliortiz13 @AaliyahNewbell @JessicaFigueroa @Jinnyrod3
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this is good
This was so sad 😢 but I love the story
Lol....well......her sister died really fast.....like.....is everyone in this story that dies gonna die from their head being decapitated?....still good though! keep up the good work! :)