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Men love curves.

It's no secret. The idea of a woman with hips, thighs and a rump shaker is attractive to a man. But at the end of the day, all men do not see all curves as equal. What equates to thick? Well, that question is up in the air for many. Any woman with hips and dips in all the right places would easily fall under the category, right?
Where does that leave the women who have the hips, but they also carry a little extra weight around their midsections -- are they exempt? Or the woman who's extremely petite, but her rump could put Beyonce and J.Lo's to shame. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and of course Buzzfeed took the pleasure of getting a handful of men's opinion on what would be considered curves. If you're interested in hearing an honest male perspective, keep scrolling and hear it first hand in the video below.

What do you consider as being curvaceous?

I'm not curvy at all. haha I wish I was though!!
well, that's always a positive! as long as you love yourself :) @humairaa
Idk if i'm curvy or not. I just know that i love the size of my butt n boobs!
thank you for rephrasing that for me! @atmi
he said girl curvy should be not to small and not to big. balance or medium
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