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Goal 1 I need to get back to working out and stay consistent with it this whole month. I started today so I hope to find myself excercising routinely throughout April.
Goal 2 I need to recruit 4 new partners into my business. last month I got 4 so I hope to do 4 or more but 4 is my goal.
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Gooooddddd!!!! lol. I am actually doing vegetarian (cant give up eggs and cheese lol) ...It's going well. 3 weeks strong! I love being able to get creative in the kitchen on a vegetarian diet.
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im not ready for that life yet my friend tried to get me to do it awhile ago. but im not ready to give up on beef and fish lol but thats good for you though stay focused. who knows if you make good food I might even join you on the vegetarian adventure lol
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I understand. It was really hard, I am not going to lie. I still crave meat. But hey this is a new challenge for me. And for sure !!
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I understand I believe I can give up meat cause I fell n love with vegetables after learning the benefits of eating them. I just need to eat good tasting food thats all
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im on my 2nd day and im sore feeling great lol
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