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Before you go any further, don't judge.

Okay, I was young and dumb. When I crush, I crush hard. Like Biggie said, 'I just crush a lot' and that's the truth. Leave it up to my young, naive self to put all my eggs into one basket as I usually do and fall for the words. I started to link my obsession with nice words opposed to nice things to my love for writing. I was talking to this guy and as usual, we hit it off pretty good. He told me his problems and in return I shared mine. He was going through a lot and needed an a lot, but he also needed a huge favor.
I'm the type of person who falls for sappy stories rather easy whether they are factual or not. His phone was about to get turned off and because I enjoyed talking to him so much, I agreed to pay his phone bill. Mind you, at the time I wasn't even paying my own phone bill *drops face in hands*. He told me how he didn't have the money to pay for his bill and he was having a hard time taking care of his siblings since his grandmother passed away. I felt bad for him and despite the expensive phone bill, I took it upon myself to Western Union him [insert the outrageous amount here] so that he could pay his bill.
Long story short, I caught up with his phone provider and his phone bill had been paid days prior. I was hurt and in the end I got played. I had never had someone cheat me out of my money before, especially not someone I had grown to appreciate. Like I mentioned I was young and extremely dumb.
I believed every excuse that came out of his month and overtime forgave him for lying and well, stealing. I never got my money back, but I did gain a sense of self and a 'don't play yourself meter' overtime. Crushes will sometimes crush you and I had to learn the hard way.
Moral of the story: the feelings are never that deep.
Gross but at least it was just your money you got cheated out of I guess :/ I've heard such horror stories of stolen identities, crazy credit card bills, etc. Plus what doesnt kill you makes you stronger, right?
there are definitely some manipulative people out their masking themselves as angels, smh but thanks so much for the hugs. I always appreciate the positivity you bring @nicolejb
Oh man. That SUCKS so hard... People can be so manipulative sometimes. Even when you open your heart and share things with them. Thanks for sharing this story, no judment here. *only hugs*
yes, extremely GROSS! and I agree, I definitely learned my lesson and I wont be paying anyone's phone bill again until I have children of my own and by then, maybe we wont even use phones anymore @sophiamor