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Guys! It was only the second month of the year and it could not have been any better! there are so many things I can't get over!
so in case you missed it, here are some of the best things that happened to February!

Winner Comeback mini album Exit!

The entire album, including the double title songs, ‘Baby Baby‘ and ‘Sentimental‘, has been written by WINNER members themselves! this song it self is so amazing! then we have the choreography, and hot boys to add? I'm new to the Winner fandom and in fact my first song from them and woah! I love it! Ps: cameout end of January counts for February

Dousble s 301 - Pain (come back)

I love the song these guys came out with but even more I love the live performance! I really like the song but the wording gets me a little- yeah you know what part right? either way this song is awesome and I love the thing they do with the clothes lol

The debut of Astro!

these boys are sooooo cute! everyone has different likes in kpop and this group is the cute boy type and reminds me of up10tion, so give it a listen! again... these dances are killing me! I loved the choreography!


I can't stop looking at his face!

Aoa- subdivision

Seventeen vocal group special project- chocolate-

I'm simply swooned over this video! it's so adorable! the melody and visuals of this video really gets me.

4 minute - Hate

highly awaited return of 4 minute and it surely did not disappoint! girls everywhere are chanting this chorus! I love the songs with sound variety like this one, at first it's sweet and then BAM!

SHINee Taemin

just started to listen to this one, what you guys think?

B.A.P feel so good mv release

This has not gotten hot yet but I like it! and I know A lot of my vingle friends do too!
Gfriend Rough 16 wins and fourth triple crown I don't particularly listen to Gfriend, however! I have heard about them the whole month as they have been taking every win in every music show. congrats to the rookie group!

Got7 announced their comeback!

This was the cherry to my monthly sunday!!

wow what a month! what was your favorite thing about February? what did I miss?

I can't wait to see what March brings! things are about to get even hotter! (ps) I only noted what I personally like/could not stop listening to/ or is most popular here in Korea at the moment such as Gfriend - month of February.
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