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people can do what ever they want I disagree!!! fell free in this app 馃槵 hello people with anime profile 馃槉馃槞馃槞馃槞馃槞馃槞
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life is anime, I've got my little animal buddy in mine
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it doesnt matter really do what u want
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pff who cares if I have anime profile pic b** I'm still more awesome than you'll ever be
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in reply to statement in card "so what"...especially if it for an anime community that's kinda a dumb attitude. Plus (1) if it someone you don't know why do you care what they think (2) if it's someone you know agree to disagree it's all a matter of context... as far other apps yeah like a dating site it would be weird if all the person's pics were that. so i would agree with @HenryStill ...I want to know who I'm talking to. but there this thing called photo shop and how can you tell it really a picture of them or even an older pic. In conclusion I take profile pictures like avatars for games really. sorry rambling
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