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I was asked to participate in this challenge. Basically you have build a bomb team of awesome characters. The link to original card is here.

The world needs to be saved who would you pick?

Anime Character

Right off the back I knew I was gonna pick my 1st husband Prince Sesshomaru. He is a bad ass! Not only is is pure blood youkai he pretty much unstoppable. His only enemy is his self really. He can transform into his true form and he has those bad ass swords and skills.


We already have our prince we need a god. I would pick Thor. My second husband lol. Well he's a god that pretty much explains it all.

DC Character

Black Canary We need a female our course. She has great fighting skills and the ability to destroy anything with sonic waves from her voice. She's like the Black Widow of DC
Games I'm not really into gaming, but I picked Alicia Claus from Bullet Witch. She has magic powers which could come in handy.
Nice team!
Oooo you picked an awesome team! I'll have to look up that last one I'm not familiar with the game
How could anyone stop gaming!!! Lmfao I incorporate gaming, nerding and men (man) in my file the Trinity is complete kind of, money too! Then I would not be able to call it a trinity lmfao, I go rhombus
@shannonl5 yeah I stopped in the 8th grade lol
@amobigbang yeah I don't game much anymore, I'm too broke XD
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